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EU Alliance guild looking for members for 40 man content.

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Hi everyone on Nighthaven!

EU Alliance guild < Muffin > is currently looking for more members to start out with 40 man content! We have a solid core of around 20 EU members and a handfull of NA members. For the last 3 weeks we have been clearing ZG and are just starting out with AQ20. Our current raid times are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8:30pm server time.

We are open to all applications in terms of classes at this point, but we are short of Holy/Shadow Priests and Warlocks, so anybody that got one of those classes are highly sought after! 🙂 We can help out with getting peoples attunements done and running dungeons to try and gear people up. So having all pre-raid BiS is not a requirement, but definetely a plus! We will also try and keep the guild on Vanilla even when TBC drops, so we are mainly looking for members that are not planning on moving to TBC.

We are open to starting out joint 40 man raids with another guild that might be in the same situation as us as well.

If you have any more questions or want to talk with us from the guild ingame whisper me (Platenoob), Vaneyes, Elisabeeth or Ohjjs/Ohus.


Hope to see you around folks!

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