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WTS.Custom Leather accessory

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When posting an item for sale, please make note of these guidelines.

You must include a sales price, either in the title or in a comment.

While not strictly required by the rules, it is strongly encouraged that you add a comment with some description and details about the item in question.

Our rules do not allow linking to a general store page, but you are permitted to link directly to an item for sale on your own domain. In other words, if you're selling an item and you just link to, that breaks the rule. But if you link to , this is allowed and encouraged.

If you have multiple items to sell, please consolidate them into one post instead of spamming the board with many different sales posts.

Reposts are okay as long as the original listing is no longer on the main page.

Remember to flair your po

snaptube telegram web st so people can easily parse the listings. Be sure to change the flair to mark sold items.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comply with our rules! Happy selling.

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