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Is it just me or is Shaman healing really complicated?

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I'm not new to WoW perse, but I am new to Classic and interested for the first time in getting into Healing, since I know it's in demand. I watched a couple of video guides on Shaman Healing last night, and boy was it a headache to process it all, from balancing Int/hSP/MP5 to the ridiculous amount of consumables you're expected to have. I'm also a Pally Tank main from the days of WotLK era, and I have to get into Warrior Tanking for Classic but don't know diddly squat about playing a Warrior in general.

Are classes/raids really this complicated in Classic WoW, or is WotLK raiding just incredibly simple by comparison? Are Consumables really that crucial that you absolutely live and die by them? That you must have a fort knox worth of them at all times (I'm assuming tens of thousands of gold worth)? Would I be better off Druid Healing, or is that even harder?

In some way I feel like WotLK spoiled me as a player coming into Classic, and I can adapt to change and alter my mindset accordingly, but I need to know what preconceptions and snobbish expectations I need to purge transferring from WotLK to Classic as I reinvent myself into a Classic player.

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You're not supposed to play World of Other Guys Filming Their Gameplay For You to Watch.

Stop worrying, invent yourself, play the game, earn HKs.

Casting Healing Wave and casting Healing Wave and casting Healing Wave while playertarget has all the fun with your Windfury Totem is the mindset you should get :)

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