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The Multiboxing Rule Currently Serves No Purpose and Benefits No One

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Too Long Didn't Read At The Bottom
It doesn't take too much time of /played to read the server message that clearly states that multiboxing is not allowed on Nighthaven.  However the problem with that simple rule becomes more clear the more you play and it's pretty simple. A lot of players don't care about that rule at all and will multibox regardless, now this wouldn't be too much of a problem if they were punished for doing so but aside from some people claiming they do get ban from this, nothing happens to them and multiboxing creates a lot of problems for casual to the most hardcore players a few examples would be.

1. Multiboxing in PvP/BG : I would say this is the most problematic case, when some uses 2 or more characters to gain an unfair advantage in PvP certainly ruins the experience for anyone playing fair and square, you can be leveling in the open world when suddenly someone on 2 characters will gank you leaving you helpless or you could be in a BG where someone on your team is on /follow all the time and barely doing anything or just healing his alt to gain honor on his 2 accounts, people who multibox pvp should definitely get ban.

2. Multiboxing in PvE: I would say this mostly affect raiders who want loot as it grants the person controlling the characters 2 or more /rolls/DKP advantage and doing so in Molten Core or Nefarian's Lair is really no problem, you could simple multibox a damage dealer and a healer or just x2 damage dealers and this is VERY COMMON and it shouldn't be, however this isn't a very big problem and is arguably accepted by a lot of players.

3. Multiboxing the neutral AH: This affects no one really and only saves the trouble of getting help from someone of the opposite faction as you cannot bid on your own actions, but is still breaking the no multiboxing rule.

4. Multiboxing in overworld to gain an advantage: this last one might seem a bit ambiguous, from doing multiple tasks that would take a single account a lot of time to achieve, like shortening traveling times to buy items or recipes, to camp multiple chests, to enchant yourself, to level up faster or to level up multiple characters at once and so on and so forth. The problem is that it is gaining an unfair advantage over someone who has to abide to the rules and play with only 1 account at once.

I asked Rain about it and he stated that he can ban everyone who multiboxes and I have no doubt he can, after all he has access to Ip addresses, but he either doesn't want to or just cant ban them all.

Not only that but the server seem to lack active GM's to lookout for this activities
Players are discouraged from reporting this activities as well, the report section in the forums reads Report Player / Use this forum to report suspicious activity on character accounts. If you believe someone bought gold, items, or the account itself
There is no mention about multiboxers at all and I seriously doubt something would be done and even if you go to Discord to report someone, no one will bat an eye at you.

How do you know if someone is multiboxing? : Well after years of playing WoW you eventually learn to notice things like, someone permanently on /follow, to someone auto healing himself while not doing anything else an active player could do, etc etc...
In the end only Rain would really know if that person is doing so but that's the point of reporting someone abusing the system.

This whole rule as it is only serves to cement hypocrisy, stating that one should not do it, yet there are no tangible consequences for those who do it.
People who want to multibox will read the message and do either A) move to another server or play normally only to find out people are doing it anyway or B) multibox anyway.
People who don't want to multibox will see people doing it so they would do A) Start multiboxing themselves or B) Try to report them only to find out there will be no sanction to those players and might try to do A) .
Again players are already discouraged from reporting this activities to begin with so here is the big point of this post.

TL;DR: Either enforce the rules so that multiboxers do get punished or openly allow multiboxing except for PvP/BG Scenarios.

If Rain is serious about banning multiboxers then we should've ways to report these players for breaking the rules, just like we would with anyone hacking, abusing a bug or real life trading like buying characters for real money.

Please if you have an opinion on this, you should speak your mind here on the forums.



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My dear, you chose lysium on your own will, now enjoy the essence. Did you really expect that things gamemasters say and do here are same? lol

What you have to do is to stop playing wow and start collecting data, proofs and video of perpetrators, all this wonderful and interesting kind of stuff. Which would be deemed as insufficient so that you'd have another sweet time to do it again, carrying the hope it would be useful for some alienated person to move finger in order to "punish".

TLDR Don't wait much for rain on abuser's parade.

ps "you should speak your mind here on the forums" after all the team's efforts to destroy community's communications? Haha, you're supposed to cry in discord, a specially designed space to hear your screams. How you even dare to write here?

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I've replied privately in discord to this topic, but a TLDR: Mulitboxing is in place to ensure our server isn't overrun with botters who sell characters/accounts. It gives us recourse to act when we find them.

Thanks again for the input LoveVania.

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