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I've been playing on this server for a while and have a L60 character so I decided to make some forum posts for my addons. I am known as Industrial (https://github.com/Industrial) and I've been part of the WoW Addon community since vanilla. My addons all start with `id`. I see they got collected into the google drive (idMinimap, idChat2).

With this post I would like to let you know about my latest Addon project: idAddon. You can find it over at https://github.com/Industrial/idAddon. It's a collection of a lot of small stuff that I use with wow that I can't play without anymore. The main feature is I rolled in idQuestAutomation into this addon. This means it will automatically accept and turn in quests for you. I was the first to implement this kind of thing for wow and I think it's the only Vanilla addon that can do this.

If you have any questions please reply here or make a ticket on github.



  • Automatically accepts hearthstone binds.


  • Automatically accepts resurrections.


  • Automatically accepts summons.


  • Stops the center of the screen from showing errors made by spamming spells.


  • Sets the DND flag on when you enter combat and off when you exit combat.


  • Dismounts you when needed.


  • Cancels Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack when someone in your raid/party or you gets dazed.


  • Pops up a bar with info when you hover the mouse over the top of the screen.


  • Repairs all your gear at repair NPC's.


  • Sells your grey items at vendor NPC's.


  • Hold SHIFT to read dialog text.
  • Accept quests automatically.
  • Complete quests automatically.
  • Does not complete if you need to pick a reward.
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