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Psychology of Battle ground

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The first time i got 100k honor in 1 week was important. I'm just a resto, I don't do dmg, just heal in combat as much as I can. 100k honor is a big thing for me. I helped to kill 700+ allies. Is not much for some people, but i'm just a resto shaman.

This week, something happened. I helped to kill 598 allies, but i got more honor. This makes me analyse what is going on. I'm not reading any guide or comments of webpages, this is just based on my experience. So i got to the conclusion of 2 or 3 things that makes this fact above be happening:

1- You win more honor by winning a BG than killing.

This is a fact. Winning a bg gives you an amount of honor, which you can increase if you deliver 3 marks by quest, or 3 of each (2k+ honor). This is more than the honor you may get in average by killing.

This may change if you are an awesome dps. You may kill 1k allies in a bg, earn a lot of honor, get ranks. But your teammates don’t. Not me, and definitely not the horde that just got 60 and wants to try luck in bg. Because you can get lots of honor in a lost bg, doesn’t make it worthy 100%. You want the Horde to grow, so you can win more bg's.

2- Kill the heal to kill the dps.

There are so many times that I can see the alliance heal just standing there, healing, untouched. Why? I am focused all the time as a heal. Why their heals run freely while their dps kill all of us? Always locate the heal, destroy him, that mighty warrior will lose the boost, dollars in gear turn to nothing, and you will be closer to win the bg, winning more honor for you and your mates.

3- Focus on the target.

In WSG, many times, again, I am in a group of people heading to the enemy base. It will happen 2 things:

1. The dps will see an allie and he will charge/cast something on him. Bit by bit, the group of 4 end up with 1 guy going to get flag. I’ve been very lucky, and I managed to get flag and deliver 50% times. We want more than that. You want your party to get there in a big number to the enemy base, focus.

2. An allie will engage combat to one of the group. Then 2 members of the group stops to help the fallen mate. Again, from a group of 4, 1 person ends going for flag, alone. You can turn a problem into an advantage. That fallen hero will entertain the enemy, the 3 left in the attacking group will keep going free of enemies in the way (if possible). Doesn’t mind if he last 1 second or 30. He made his work which is give you freedom of movement, get the flag and run to your base.

4- Sacrifice yourself for a greater good.

Your mate has the flag. Both start running to your base to deliver the point. What you really want is your mate to get to the base at any cost. 2 things will happen:

1. If you are a dps, sometimes you want to kill the first allie that engage towards your flag carrier. You will fight and don’t stop until he is dead. What a waste of time. Your flag carrier needs you to cc that allie, and the allie next to him and so on, to ensure your flag carrier get to base as fast as possible. Don't focus in 1 target only, try to slow down every single one of them, if possible. Teamwork.

2. Any class going with the flag carrier has the chance to be engage by enemies. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by 3 or 4 allies. Make a problem an advantage. You want to grab those guys, hold on, use potions, cc’s, till your last point of health. Take them apart, in the opposite direction of the flag carrier. Any single inch you take away from them is an inch you give to your flag carrier closer to his target, closer to win the bg, so winning more honor.

5- Queue for win.

Is the week of WSG. You will win honor, lots of honor if you win. But the enemy is doing a premade. They spend hundreds of dollars in gear, and they will use it to destroy you in bg, not just win, they want to make you suffer. Actually they do. They will get a lot of honor for winning and the kill points. Even here, make a problem an advantage. Queue for arathi or altarac, because lose in wsg is not worth your time. You will get marks of arathi, and next week wsg can be yours. You will deliver 3 marks of each battle ground for “For great honor” quest and you will win lots of honor.


6- Don´t be a hero.

No, you can´t be a hero of the horde, not in BG. The average horde player takes his own ideas. Don´t need to follow orders from nobody, because his plan is perfect. Then he died for nothing, but he tries again. And again and again and again. And this is the average horde player. We don´t need this in BG, not in the horde.

To get a base. We need to share ideas and try them. Many theories of the best estrategy may rise in an BG. Give it a chance, agree in 1 of those ideas and try. If you don´t like 1 idea, don´t ignore it. Perform that idea to prove that won´t work so you can pass to the next idea. If it doesn't work, its ok! Just try the next idea. Don´t deny anything, work together to find the solution. Communication.

To figh groups. Agreed in a target. CC the heal, focus the mage, anything, but agree in a target. If you are a mage, sheep, declare a target and sheep it. If you are a warrior, declare you target (not the one sheeped), and focus on it with your party. You know how to play alone (supose to), try to play in a team.


So, obviously, there are many, many, so many theories about how to perform in bg. This is not a manual, not an order, not the ken of your do. If it doesn’t makes sense to you, ignore this. If you think it does, try, test for a week how much honor you get winning, or just doing kill points.

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the honor gained per kill are based off what rank they are and how many people are around you during the kill as the honor from a kill is split between group members nearby.
also you gain more honor from winning than loosing battlegrounds as you win more battlegrounds you get more honor than you would if you lost them

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As a note:

All the above doesn't work well if the other faction buy T3 gear to ensure the win.

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Many players doing Naxx and buy R14 gear. Items at the store aren't BiS, Naxx/AQ40/R14 still have better gear. I have a character with some blues, which are better than purple items from the store.:)

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That´s ok. But the main subject is to considers the observations about the tactics that the horde use in BG. Again, is just my point of view.

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