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Greetings all

I've been scouring the internet and I have been unable to find the addon that I once played with back on Feenix. This addon was a godlike addon for raid leaders.

I cannot recall the addon name however i have found something similar which is called RaidBuffStatus however that is for later expansions only.

The addon would allow a raid leader to scan the entire raid to see who was missing buffs. You would be able to set which buffs you check for, which classes should have the specific buffs (so you don't have a notification saying some rogue is missing int buff). This addon you'd be able to simply type a command and it would have the information of which buffs were missing on which classes output in raid chat.

Example for Arcane brilliance, Fortitude, Gotw, spirit:

*types command* 

Arcane Brilliance: name, name, name
Fortitude: name
Gotw: name, name, name, name, name, na..(entire raid unbuff with gotw just not gonna type it all out)


reason for spirit not being on the list is there was no one missing the spirit buff. 
Gotw, no druid had buffed or no one had buffed druid
Fortitude, 1 person died 
arcane brilliance, 3 lack it due to slacking mage


the raid leader or whoever had assist would need to specify which buffs they were searching for in the addon if I recall correctly.


Looking forward to some responses! 

Best regards,
- Psyjunkie

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