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Hello all!

PvE guild Imperius is looking for members in every class. Join our core raid group and enjoy your favorite nostalgia game! Questions on your mind? Let's answer them.

What Imperius is looking for?
Imperius is looking for English speakers (basic) from every classes!

Is there a specified timezone for Imperius?
We have members from all around the globe, that means you'll find lots of friendly people to play together anytime.

What is Imperius doing?
Imperius currently farming UBRS and dungeons, getting ready for its first ''full guildy'' 20 man raids.

In what day and time Imperius is raiding?
Imperius raids are at weekends 8pm(Server Time). More raids for monday thru friday are in plans for close future.

Why should I choose Imperius?
Our core Officer and raid team are very experienced players, who are playing WoW Vanilla for ten years. No toxic behavior is tolareted in Imperius. This is the place that you're going to have fun and getting the gear that you deserve. No nonsense, steady progress.

What is Imperius loot system?
Full guild runs loot system are DKP. Other raids and groups roll,+1 . All dungeon and raid loots are MS>OS

Does Imperius has a Discord Channel?
Yes. It is mandatory for raiding. (non commanding raiders can mute themselves)

Does Imperius has a guild website?
Yes, you can check it out. https://imperiuspve.shivtr.com/

What do I need to do for joining Imperius?
You can contact any member of Imperius for joining. They'll direct you to Officers or GM. You can write directly to Guild Master Allysa(Ingame Character Name) or comment your character name to this topic, so we can invite you.

Are there going to be more raids in the future?
We are a dedicated team, progress is well-planned and we are going to see everything to the end. Including Naxxramas.

Do I need to be a lifeless person to play in Imperius?
We love people who are living in Azeroth. But people from Earth are also welcome. Only certain days of offline people will be removed. You will get rewarded as much as you play!

Do I need to be geared for joining Imperius?
No. We are here to help you about it. 

I hope all your questions are answered! If you have more, write them to comments so we can answer. Come and join us in this glorious aventure! 

for Imperius! for Honor!

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