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"Argh, Jenny, what the fuck..." Her dirty talk was like crack cocaine; it was powerful and intense and addictive and deadly. My cock was swelling, my balls were hot and full and starting to boil.

"You want to fill me up, don't you, baby boy...fill my naked pussy with your thick hot cum...shoot your seed way up into me..."

I felt like an out of control truck racing toward a cliff. Jenny's dirty talk had disabled the breaks. Disaster was approaching fast.
"You want to, but you can't," she taunted. "Don't you dare come inside me. Don't you dare shoot your hot cum inside your slutty cousin's tight, naked pussy."

My balls tightened and a hot, sharp twinge raced down the length of my cock. I was out of time, this was going to happen.

"Jenny, I'm gonna--" I was bottomed out in her when the first pulse happened. I tried to pull back, knowing it was already too late, trying to fight off the animal part of my brain that was desperately screaming at me to just keep thrusting and thrusting into my beautiful cousin.

"NO!" screamed Jenny, and for a second I thought she meant 'no don't cum in me' but her legs squeezed hard around me and her ankles locked behind my back and her arms were tight around my neck and we were one body.

My knees were pressing down on the bed, as I tried to lift myself so I could pull out, but with her legs locked onto me I simply lifted her with me. Her weight, added to mine, caused my knees to slip, and we slammed back onto bed together, pushing me even deeper inside her. My cock swelled, ready to pulse again, and I was so huge and hard and I went deeper than I had been and I felt brief, solid resistance deep inside her, but then even that yielded to me as my cock broke through and reached some new, previously unconquered territory inside her.
That's when the floodgates opened, and I fired pulse after pulse, jet after jet of thick, rich cum directly into her womb. She wailed in a feral, animal scream, her nails digging my back, her teeth sinking hard into my shoulder.

"YESSSSS!!!" she screamed. "Fucking cum inside me fucking fill me give me every fucking drop oh JAAAAAKE!!!"

My orgasm seemed to last forever. My body disappeared into a white cloud of ecstasy and all that was left of me was a powerful, throbbing pulse that just kept going and going...

I could feel her containing me, surrounding me, her movements synchronizing perfectly with mine; caressing me, teasing me, squeezing me, milking me of every drop my exhausted, aching balls could produce. Somehow, her pussy seemed to know how to slow me down, give me more time between pulses to recover, making me feel that although I was gradually slow down, I could ultimately keep pulsing my seed into her until the end of time.

When I came back to my senses, she was somehow back on top of me, whispering to me, kissing my eyelids, stroking my forehead. I thought my orgasm was finally over, but her body shivered, I felt a fluttering in her pussy, then a hard convulsion, and my aching balls tightened and fired off another round.

Nothing in my life had ever felt like this. Nothing could compare. I felt like I was floating in an ocean of pure pleasure. Her liquid eyes stared into the depths of my soul and she smiled and kissed me, gently at first but then more insistently, and then her pussy quivered again and clenched and I groaned and pulsed once more, deep inside her.


Jenny had starred in my erotic dreams many times before, so I wasn't surprised to find myself lying in a grassy field with her as she straddled me and took my cock in her hand. The ground underneath me felt wet, so my dream mind added a waterfall that looked like the one in a park near Grandma's house, a place where Jenny I used to walk to escape our toxic cousins. I now lay in a shallow pool, but the water was an unnaturally pleasant temperature, not icy cold as it was in reality, and the ground looked hard and rocky but felt soft and smooth.
Jenny lowered herself onto me and felt warm and wet and tight and wonderful. She began rocking back and forth on me, and I felt hard and ready. She moaned my name, which was strange because I didn't remember her voice in my dreams before. The earth shook...I was fucking Jenny in an earthquake...

No...I opened my eyes and she was riding me hard, the bed shaking and her boobs bouncing in the moonlit bedroom. The sheets beneath me were wet and clammy and sticky as I lay in the middle of the dreaded wet spot that had been a pool below a waterfall in my dreams.

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