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Changelog 9/12/2020

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Greetings, these are some changes that are being pushed to fix some bugs, if you find any major bugs please report them to Rain directly preferably on discord.

Note: These changes are applied after server restarts.

Class Changes
> Increased Garrote DOT damage as per patch notes 1.12.0 (august 22, 2006). Should now scale with AP.

Raid Changes
Majordomo(Molten Core)
> Implemented fix for resetting his adds. There will no longer be multiple adds in place upon reset.

C'thun (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj/AQ40)
> C'thun Digestive Acid will be cast by C'Thun, rather than by the player.

Battleground Changes
Arathi Basin
> Added a unique ''near victory'' audio queue for each faction.

Item Changes
> Chances now reflect real values (60% skele / 20% mini / 20% slow fall)

Quest Changes
The Missing Diplomat
> Quest should function correctly now.

Miscellaneous Changes
Darkmoon Faire
> Buffs will now apply at correct percentages.

Thorium Nodes
> Nodes added to various parts of the world that were missing.

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