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buggie Quests in blasted Lands?

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Hi Guys

There are 2 Guys near the path at begin of the lands. One of them gives you 3 Quests..You need boars, scorpions etc.

For some quests you need the same items.

I've done one but cant end the quest?! Is this a bug? Do i need all 3 quests done to end them? 


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39 minutes ago, DKD420 said:

@Holkan already try it, but dont work..

Hmm not sure then , are all the items in your inventory ? if you put some in the bank the quest log will say you have them but you wont be able to complete it. I think if you delete them as well it'll still show you having them though im not sure on that one. Sorry I couldn't of been more help.

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