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  3. Zancon

    Stuck on Retrieving Character List

    I replied to your PM, thought I would drop a line here as well.
  4. Hello all, I can't seem to get past the Retrieving Character List prompt after logging in on any server aside from PTR #1. I've seen a lot of people with the same problem, but nobody has the solution. I've tried changing the realm list in realmlist.wtf and in config.wtf, deleting my WDB folder, and deleting my WTF folder but nothing has worked. PTR #1 loads super fast 'n easy but I can't get on to Nighthaven or Nethergarde (I'm looking to play on Nethergarde). Please can someone help me out? Really wanting to play again. Thanks
  5. Zancon

    wts 60 lvl acc

    All character sales are completed through our shop. Simply log into the website control panel and select shop -> character option to browse characters. If you wish to purchase one you will have to buy Elysium Coins. Once the transaction is completed the character will appear on your account automatically in a few minutes. Simply log in and play after that.
  6. ironmax

    wts 60 lvl acc

    buy an account with a character level 60
  7. ironmax

    60 Mage for Sale

  8. ironmax

    WTS/WTT Warlock (A)

    ready to buy
  9. TheFishyOne

    Enhancement totem support build

    Yeah, back on Nost, prot warrs loved me, because me being there meant they could throw on their DPS gear and change it up, a bit. Nowadays, it seems like all I do in raids is OT adds and heal with a prot spec.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Zancon

    coin purchase down?

    Paypal or payment wall? How long ago did you purchase? If paypal did you include email and account name in the notes section? The confirmation email paypal sends will show the notes if you entered them. It's a manual process for us to add them so depending on the time of day and how many others in front of you to process the time can be longer or shorter. It can take up to 72 hours depending on multiple factors to get the credit to your account assuming all the information was left in the comments. Payment Wall is integrated and will automatically give coins, but the last ~2 weeks their processing has been much slower than normal and taking up to 4 hours to process. If the above doesn't help you, please send me a PM here on the forums with your account name, email and transaction ID and I can help get you sorted out.
  12. pouo

    coin purchase down?

    I purchased some coins and havent recieved them yet. It usually only takes a couple hours at most. This has been a while . I was wondering if the service isd down or my payment is messed up?
  13. sarasaa

    new player looking for a guild nighthaven

    обожаю секс особенно.И всегда заказываю от сюда http://intimkieva.com Секс как сказка. Нравятся особенно блондинки мне. уж больно они сексуальны в этом плане.
  14. Zancon

    Bug on listing for coin

    A couple of users are flooding the market with all of their gold. Were looking into a fix for this. I believe the temporary fix is sometime in the next day or so were going to merge all the auctions of those players flooding the market into 1. As soon as this is done you and the other players that have auctions not showing should all show up.
  15. Zancon

    Mailbox UI Error

    It seems like your client may have a bad file/script - see if reinstalling solves this.
  16. Dahls

    Enhancement totem support build

    21/30/0 requieres both melee and spell dmg gear, Mostly from AQ40 (Tier 2.5). Dont have that yet, so specced back till I get there. So far people want this build in the raid, so getting a spot have never been a problem. 🙂
  17. Zizek

    Bug on listing for coin

    Ok good to know, but now i still missing 20g or 20 coin on my account. Who can fix that?
  18. Screamcheese

    Mailbox UI Error

    Hello, it seems like I'm having an issue with my UI everytime I start to write a player. How would I be able to go about troubleshooting/resolving this? screenshot of what I'm describing here: https://imgur.com/a/sE0qU42 Thanks in advance! -Scream
  19. I want to start a fresh toon, team up with a small group and smash out some beginner quests. PM me add me on discord: Dinnnertime add me on Nethergarde: gnome rogue level 5: annihilator troll hunter level 8: spearchukker night elf priest level 5: nametaker On another note, I'm new to the community. If anyone has any tips or whatever just drop it in the replies. Thanks, DT
  20. Last week
  21. spamss505

    Sell Auctions Disappeared

    Hello! I've posted many 10 gold for 10 coin, 12 or 13 posts, I put up enough to get 2x 1 week tokens eventually with my current coin. I did put them up pretty quickly so I understand it may take a while to show up, but, I saw 5, then 8, then 3 and only 1 of them is showing up now (edit: 4 of them are showing now, 2 hours later 5 of them are showing). I haven't received coin or anything like that. I'm not positive that all my coin would have been bought in 10-15 minutes. I've logged out, logged in, restarted browser, computer, and have 2FA. I'm wondering what happened to the transactions and how long might it take to show up? Thanks so much! Looking forward to your response.
  22. Zancon

    No gold coins yet

    I have submitted the information for you. I am now going to edit out your account name and email. Please dont post those items publicly. Some people like to use that information to compromise accounts.
  23. Qonnect

    No gold coins yet

    Been a couple days since I paypaled 10 euros for 100 gold coins. Still haven't received it. My login ID is Tahn, email is [email protected], server Nethergarde, paypal transaction ID: 72P661305U750254H
  24. Farce

    Hunter rotation addon

    Holy Necro Batman! is theres another place to put this info? Testing The app. First of all (lucky for us players who have put the work in) it is NOT Optimised,, id estimate if it work correctly, it seems to do about 70- 80% dps as a well done rotation. Tested with several weapons and Quivers. 1. Only works properly on level 60. 2. MUST have a slow weapon for auto shot to fire (tested with Bloodseeker, Rhoc Delear, Stoneshatter, Griffonwing longbow, and a few random ones 3. Put Aimed Shot in slot 2 of action Bar, Multi in slot 2. (if aimed doesnt work ever reverse it, shouldnt matter but aimed didnt work til i did that) 4. Seems to work best on elite/ high xp targets 5. Starts rotation with either aimed or multi (not autoshot) Today im going to test it properly,, with a Priest friend that can keep healing themselves. Going to compare this app,, spamming multi/aimed (hitting them off cooldown ignoring white damage, and preforming a TryHard rotation. Things this app needs Imo. A way to adjust for weapon speed/latency? instructions on whay values to change to get it working. A setting to initiate with Autoshot, Aimed shot, or multishot,,,currently it usually opens with an aimed shot,,im guessing thats for pvp? most of us raid hunters like to open with autoshot first,,followed by either aimed or multi depending on the situation. this is a brief test just on farming,,, will test more if there is still interest.
  25. Klatschekopf

    WTB Rogue

    Here my Rogue : Lipton for 990 Elysium Gold - > https://cp.elysium-project.org/armory/char-1-13903 Riding and Epic Mount with 100% Speed 🙂 Lockpicking : 300 First Aid : 300
  26. Zancon

    Bug on listing for coin

    Posting many listings at once will take a while to show all of them. I have edited out your account name in the OP. Please do not post your account name(s) in public. People use that information to compromise your account(s).
  27. Zizek

    Bug on listing for coin

    Hello, My account is Xxxxxxx on your server. I have made 6 listing and 60 gold have been remove from my character Xxxxxxxxx on Nighthaven but i only see 4 auction on the other side to be buy. Where is the 2 missing listing? This have happen on april 12. Thanks, Zizek
  28. Zancon

    Coins not received

    Please send me a PM with your account name, your email address, the PayPal transaction ID that was successful and the PayPal transaction you are waiting on.
  29. Zancon

    Guild Master Edit Ranks Not Working

    Please open another GM ticket in game and explain the situation. They should be able to get you sorted out.
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