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  3. Muglik

    Cant get Rogue poison Quest back

    Hello guys I have a problem to complete quest "Deep Cover" (rogue poison quest) When i come to npc Taskmaster Fizzule and shot 2 flares then i salute to him he will turn to friendly but i cant speak to him , trying it about 10times and still cant turn quest can you help me ? thank you
  4. jbozward

    TBC Bug Reports

    I've added to the bug report that's already there, but are they being looked at? It was raised in May, and noted in beta testing. It's quite a fundimental issue.
  5. moltoviaxx

    Joueur Fr sur Nighthaven

    im looking for the most accurate representation of vanilla servers right now, and im wondering what is the difference between those 3 is ... anything that makes it easier to lvl or anything like that would kill it for me, also i dont want the server to be under or overly populated. but beggars cant be choosers i guess lol Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  6. Greenrock

    Quest - Exorcising the Trees

    There are no Grishnath Orbs on trees, there are none in huts, no near huts, no nowhere. The quest does not work.
  7. Last week
  8. Shyci

    >>> TÜRKLER BURAYA <<<

    Horde tarafında guild var ise gelebilirim yeni başladım servere....Artı arkadaşlar server classic serverde çalışan addon nedir bilen varsa biraz bilgi verirse sevinirim...
  9. frigider2

    Game problem

    I had verified the account, can even send screenshots if needed, but for some reason the account is closed. But I'm happy that I can play anyways, with the new acount.
  10. Zancon

    Game problem

    It wouldn't be, something had to be a typo or the email didn't get verified or something. In the end I am glad you were able to get in the game. Have fun!
  11. frigider2

    Game problem

    Aight, so I tried joining the Vanilla server (I had a client and have replaced the realmlist.wtf with "set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org" and checked for any mistakes, none.) and I still got the same problem. "This World of Warcraft account is no longer available for use..." Update #3: I have made a new account, and tried logging in. It worked, but now the problem is: Why is this account banned if I just made it 1 day ago?
  12. frigider2

    Game problem

    I have already tried that before, but it still got me the same error. I have also replaced the WTF folder and realmlist.wtf again and still nothing. Could it be something wrong in the Config.wtf file? Or do I have to replace anything in it? https://imgur.com/a/3UQ1WJd
  13. Zancon

    Game problem

    The realmlist.wtf file should only have 1 line that says; set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org No quotes around it like what you have. Ensure you dknt have any additional spaces or returns in the file. Save and try to login again.
  14. I'm a druid, I bought the riding 300 but I can't get the first quest in the chain to get Swift Flight Form. Could you please help me? Thank you EDIT: Solved, Swift Flight Form is added on patch 2.1.0. Sorry for the inconvenience you can close the post. Thank you
  15. frigider2

    Game problem

    Hello, I am new to this server and new to Elysium in general. My brother has tried Elysium Vanilla before and has recommended the game, so I have decided to try it out. Had no problems downloading The Burning Crusade and setting it up but right now I am facing some problems while trying to connect the server. I have changed the "Config.wtf" and "realmlist.wtf" from <oldserver> to "logon.elysium-project.org", but everytime I try to connect on my account (or literally everything I type), the server instantly disconnects me with the message: "This World of Warcraft account has been closed and is no longer available for use..." What is the problem? Screenshots of the realmlist.wtf file: https://imgur.com/a/neWQTG5 https://imgur.com/a/aKA5VIK
  16. Zancon


    All character copies were completed on August 8th 2019. There isn't another way to copy over - all progress was to the individual server from that date.
  17. Zancon

    Disconnect after loading from character selection

    navigate to your wow install folder and delete the folder named "WDB" to clear your cache. After that try and get in. If that doesn't work, next time you are in character selection try and disable all of your addons. If that doesn't work exit the game and delete the folder named "WTF" in your wow folder. Warning on the WTF, that folder contains all your addon settings and will put all addons back to default.
  18. Zancon

    Quest - Exorcising the Trees

    My fault, that is the one that is on the ground in the hut.
  19. Zeatur

    Paladin Resurrection Skill Quest bug

    STILL DOSEN'T WORK. any progress?
  20. kaghg


    How to copy character from classick to TBC?
  21. Every time I select a character, wait to load into the game, I get disconnected after load completes. If I try and try it will work eventually, however, when I need to hop to alts it's even more annoying. Not sure if this is related but, when I load the client it gives me a prompt that settings have changed and yes or no to revert. I'm not sure the exact wording it gives because now the prompt window is invisible and I just have to press N to get it to launch. Any help on either of these subjects would be greatly appreciated!
  22. Greenrock

    Quest - Exorcising the Trees

    I checked all the trees and did not find the Grishnath Orb. If the Grishnath Orb looks like that (https://www.wowhead.com/item=31495/grishnath-orb) then in the Grishnath it is not.
  23. nessaseregon

    "Ruine" guilde fr stormrage (horde)

    Bonjour/bonsoir à toutes et tous ! 🙂 La guilde française Ruine recrute côté horde afin d'étoffé son roster et réunir un maximum de joueurs et joueuses francophone, n'hésitez à nous contacter en jeu pour rejoindre nos rangs 🙂 à plus tard je l'espère IG. Bouldepoils, GM.
  24. Zancon

    Quest - Exorcising the Trees

    It's up in the trees you have to fight your way over to it
  25. Zancon

    Priest race in TBC

    Human is the better race in TBC
  26. Guiylan

    Priest race in TBC

    Hello everyone, I'm going to create a priest on the new TBC server. I wanted to know if it's the same deal with Fear Ward in TBC as it is in Vanilla. I know the racial priest skills were changed after Vanilla but I didn't manage to find out whether it is after the 2.4.3 version or not. If it's like in Vanilla, I'll certainly chose a Dwarf but if it isn't, Human with their spirit buff can be appealing. Thank you!
  27. ddg974

    Population FR sur le serveur Stormrage

    Bonsoir , Oui on as une guilde coté Horde [Ruine] avec quelques membres , on as dans l'optique de monter un p'tit roster 10 pour commencer , hésite pas a wisp Neufseptkat , Bouledepoils ou Haskani en jeu pour être guildé si tu le souhaite ( on est encore en pexing )
  28. koutali

    LF Arena/BG buddy

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