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  2. Benjamin112


    Nice addon indeed How about this one? geometry dash
  3. AngelAngle112


    Mind sharing the GathererDB or linking to it? I had an old database lying around, but it doesn't seem to match this servers nodes. slope unblocked
  4. Corinne


    Hi friends. One of the biggest problems for students is the fear of public speaking. Uno Online
  5. millymoo

    slot machines

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  6. millymoo

    casinos in Canada

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  7. HenryWatson

    I started reading

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  10. Jed961


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  11. atomstipulate

    WOW Classic

    I wish we could play Elysium on private servers anywhere and in some of the more recent expansions
  12. maxkvinton


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  13. slev1111n

    WoW Music Updated

    That's actually interesting, thank you for the tutorial! I managed to discover a few great playlists on youtube, and I feel like a few songs would work great with the WoW atmosphere. I've already downloaded them with mp3 juice, so all I have to do is everything according to your instructions. Hopefully, it'll work out because I don't think I'm good at programming, and I don't have any special skills.
  14. marytheprincess

    Which beginning zone is least populated?.

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  15. mikenz1983

    WOW Classic

    great work and appreciate all the efforts by the team at Elysium i am curious if the remade wow classic is available to play anywhere on private servers or some of the more recent expansions ( pandaria etc ) Thanks
  16. katemaribell

    <Imperius> is Looking for Members

    It's great to be able to interact with people from different countries in your community. But for me, it has always been an obstacle to communicate with foreigners, because I do not speak a foreign language well. Thanks to my friend who recommended translate.com/services/technical-translation to me. Now I can communicate correctly and technically and without mistakes, thanks to this service. Definitely recommend to everyone.
  17. I'm sure you've seen plenty of the digital murlocs that are out there. They're cute little characters that you can use for anything from a Twitter avi to a Facebook profile pic. But there's one thing that all these images have in common: they're not yours. They belong to Blizzard, and you cannot use them without their permission. So, I am hiring crypto tax accountant denver colorado to get their suggestion about it. Everyone loves the murlocs, but nobody owns their own unique digital murloc.
  18. Eagleheart

    LF Gilda italiana per iniziare

    Buongiorno ragazzi, Ho messo un annuncio che potrebbe interessarvi nella sezione "altre lingue". Nel caso dateci un'occhiata. Tuttavia vi anticipo che noi non abbiamo in programma raid oltre UBRS e abbiamo uno stile di gioco MOLTO pulito. Prima ci si rilassa e ci si diverte per noi. Siamo tutti adulti e nessuno ha tempo e voglia d'impelagarsi in qualcosa di ingestibile. Inoltre giochiamo dal 2004 e WoW lo conosciamo tutto a memoria. Se volete fare due chiacchiere siamo a disposizione. Eagleheart
  19. Eagleheart

    Gilda italiana (no raid)

    Buongiorno, La gilda Lamanera accoglie giocatori intenzionati a condividere piccoli momenti di relax dai vari impegni della vita. Noi siamo un ristrettissimo gruppo di amici che ha iniziato a dilettarsi su WoW dal 2004; abbiamo viaggiato insieme con la prima espansione (TBC), per poi disperderci al giungere della seconda. Dopo così tanti anni di gioco, utilizziamo questo server privato per tenerci in contatto e condividere ancora una vecchia passione. Non puntiamo quindi a creare le condizioni per l'end game, ne tantomeno spendiamo una considerevole mole di tempo in ripetute sessioni settimanali alla ricerca dell'oggetto epico di turno. Attualmente giochiamo due o tre volte a settimana in giorni prefissati, con sessioni da 2-3 ore. L'obiettivo è quello di creare un gruppo coeso di persone ADULTE, facendo quattro chiacchiere tra un dungeon e l'altro. Al momento stiamo finendo di vestire alcuni personaggi tramite T0.5 e abbiamo programmato a fine estate di ripartire con un nuovo gruppo dal principio. Dopo anni, il vero divertimento non è l'inseguimento dell'oggetto epico, ma la ricerca della spec alternativa con un modo di giocare sempre più pulito e funzionale. Se siete interessati stiamo cercando al momento due giocatori. Attualmente il nostro gioco ruota attorno a tutto ciò che si può fare dal lv1 al lv60 fino a UBRS. A proposito del raid citato, abbiamo avuto la soddisfazione anni fa di chiuderlo in 5 (tutti T0.5). Sentitevi liberi di contattarci per ulteriori informazioni. Eagleheart
  20. Rain

    How does Character Auction work?

    Hi there - try using the filter as specifically as possible. Your character is likely still on the auction just hard to find due to some filters our website uses.
  21. Alizia

    Bonus Profession Gain Rate

    I'm sorry to rez this post, but is there a way to disable this boost ? Or if we want to play the game we need to wait the event is finished..? Why the .xp off don't disable the profession boost too ?
  22. Thorgaaz

    How does Character Auction work?

    Still no answer? So absolutely nobody knows how it works or what happened? For Clarification i did Create another Char, while she was on Auction since i didnt thought she would come back. So maybe thats what was wrong? Still i didnt expect her to be gone, but instead maybe beeing shown as inactive or something like that. Some explaination on the Auction site would be very helpful. Also tried to trade with Gold too. Didnt recieve Gold back but also no Tokens. Auction ended.
  23. Hi, i just returned here after years and im looking for a PVE guild that do raid at 10pm st. I usually play druid but im opened to make a char that new guild need. Im Italian but i speak and understand well english At moment im installing all addons to be ready. Thanks in advance and i hope to see soon answers.
  24. Well if you have the MyJourney feature I think you are on official servers, right? You can get support on our Github page or on the Discord linked on there: https://github.com/Questie/Questie There is no interface to edit the entries in MyJourney, but you can close WoW and edit Questie's SavedVariables file in the WTF directory.
  25. katemaribell

    A good application development company

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  26. Hi! I just installed this and it looks super helpful, so thank you for all your hard work! I just have a quick question. I can't seem to figure out how to edit Adventure Notes in My Journey. Is it possible to do it? If so, how?
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