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  2. Update PvP Gear with ZG release.

    Does the fact that over 50% of my lifetime HKs are from after I hit r14 give me any authority to call you a fuckboy?
  3. Server down again?

    You will get no transparency, and you will like it. They've made it abundantly clear thru word and deed that they have no intention of being transparent about the situation, and there is essentially nothing anyone outside the dev team can do about it. Take it or leave it - those are your choices. Personally, my suspicion is that the log files are getting so enormous that when they try to do backups it crashes the server, and they don't have the resources (both human and financial) to fix it. So this is how it's going to be for the foreseeable future.
  4. Holy Paladins in Leveling, Groups and Vanilla

    So i just finished leveling as Holy the entire way 1-60. I managed to clock in at 9 days 10hrs played. However i also have 300 Fishing/Cooking/First Aid and 290 Engineering and like 285 Mining when i hit 60. I will speak from experience, Up until say High 40s its not to bad to be honest, however once you get into 50s the time to kill goes up alot. I am talking anywhere from 30s to 90s per mob. I would not recommend killing yourself trying to level as holy, but if you do, make sure you have some patience :)
  5. Server down again?

    Twitter update
  6. Server down again?

    Edit: Double post.
  7. Elysium - Crashed

  8. Holy Paladins in Leveling, Groups and Vanilla

    Not true, you hear only trolls confusing everyone with raid and dungeon comparison as it is false statement , pick some good weapon , Int/Agi mixed Gear (both stats in 1 like deadmine finger) or in 1 word = hunter gear. Use Blessing of Wisdom , SoC/JoC (depend on the weapon) or SoR/JoR , use Judges max rank on cd and crush these bones. Don't bother with consecration and you will do crazy big dps. /Kind regards Killerduki
  9. Server down again?

    Edit: Triple post. (Sorry)
  10. Server down again?

    This. Understanding as we have it And this is fking stupid
  11. Server down again?

    Ah yes, because not being able to connect really makes me want to take out my wallet. Thank you for your thoughtful submission.
  12. Retribution - give me back what's mine

    Same as Loatheb/Twins making it simple for Horde using Windfury , since threats are not working like any normal encounters there. /Kind regards Killerduki
  13. QR Code

    As Homer says D'oh
  14. Server down again?

    Welcome to the server see-saw that is Elysium. It will go down in spurts with no word from devs, and there is no way to know when it's back up (or that it's actually down) other than to try logging in because the server status page does not reflect crashes (just "planned" shutdowns - totally assinine imho). So yea now that Crestfall is kaput as a separate project your choices are pretty much suck it up or don't play.
  15. Hey there. I am gonna be making an alliance Night elf Druid tonight on this server. Name will be Aphrodytee. I was gonna go onto the other Darrowshire server but I think this server is gonna be best based off player population. I am in NA PST time zone and usually on during night time. Will be on tonight for sure for about 2 hours. And then a lot this weekend also.
  16. This is not the place for these subjects.
  17. compatibility issue and addon issue

    The client is an 11 year old program that sometimes struggles with modern hardware and OSes. Your addons may not be unpacked properly. Try the Elysium Discord There is an addons section these for advice.
  18. Elysium - Crashed

    GM responded to another thread saying to use discord, this isn't an ingame issue. Rofl, yeah, right, because we can't get into the game. Some of us don't use discord, and you could have replied instead of telling the poster to go look on discord.
  19. Completely new to WoW - observations

    I never play wow and i was afraid of playing tank^^ Now i start a rogue but meh ... do i have a chance in groups as noob tank or am i just anoying then? xd
  20. Logging in to game server

    Many people use VPNs, Some ISPs and their routing seems glitchy. I would go for s VPN.
  21. Yesterday
  22. PvP

    Ищу серьёзных PVP игроков на Анафеме и Элизиуме, с последующим переходом на новый чистый реалм Крестфолла. Интересует БГ, командная игра, интересуют те, кому не всё-равно на исход битвы на любом БГ основная цель - ПОБЕДА НА БГ!
  23. Restart your router, and PC. It may be a DNS issue.
  24. I use gmail. Send a request for another from the control panel. Works flawlessly for me.
  25. Server down again?

    Yes. Exactly this. The only "response" i've seen is from a game-master in the forums saying "take this to discord...It's not an in-game problem" and then flagging the post for no more replies... No Duh it's not an in-game problem! We can't get into the game!!! So rude and snarky. We just want transparency.
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