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  2. Лэв

    Verog the Dervish

    The boss Verog the Dervish does not appear on assignment, the NPS beat the result for an hour 0
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  4. Gluttz

    what happens with the warrior

    I personally have no problems with this... you should make a macro for swapping to 1h shield early to shield bash spell casters and once you get pummel you can interupt both spell casters and burn them down easily
  5. Bliggit

    donation by paypal

    Is there an average turn around time for getting this fixed when it happens? I left a message on #support in discord and I think it's been acknowledged but I'm not sure? Is there someone that can fix this we can msg directly?
  6. TerraBaddie

    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    Thank you meridaw, but Shino is not interested in helping atm.
  7. Oz1956

    Can't join general chat

    Thank you for the info. Will try both suggestions.
  8. Yesterday
  9. ruudje

    Help with health bars

    Yeah, there is a option called status text or something. I enabled it but it makes my own healthbar hitpoints visible not those of others
  10. klaralund

    Cannot send mail in-game

    Hi, I receive an error message when I attempt to send mail in-game. It says "Interface\FrameXML\Mailframe.lua:623: bad argument #1 to ´strupper' (string expected, got nil)". Anyone who knows how to fix this? Thank you!
  11. killerduki

    Kel'Thuzad HP Poll

    My suggestion is to review every single Boss that exist in Raids and to fix the "little things" like wrong working,non working ,bugged mechanics which is going to make the difference , instead of doing something out of touch. Watching this Video : I can see that Mind Controlled Players does not Buff or Heal Boss at all as main priority , they less likely cast Crowd Controls which they should. Mobs in P3 does not time to time "reset all aggro" . Perhaps i missed more , but my suggestion above the Video remain . /Kind regards Killerduki
  12. thecrazyscot

    Help with health bars

    I don't have the game in front of me right now but isn't it in the options to change from % to actual numbers?
  13. Av_vA

    PvE Frustration

    Go play single player game istead.
  14. ruudje

    Help with health bars

    Hello all, I just started playing on this wonderful server, but I can't see how many hitpoints someone has. I tried installing Mobhealth2 but that didn't work either. I'm a little bit lost on what to do now to get the health bars working and I was wondering if someone has any advice. Are there any other things I should install, I don't really understand all the addons and what I need. I'm playing as a hunter Thanks in advance EDIT: I can't seem to get values in the hp/mana bar
  15. Hi! I'm begginer. As my acc says, I just played for over 10 hours. All this time I was trying to complete quests. A few days later I was unable to enter my account. I have a notification like "My acc was blocked, I was banned". At first I wrote to russian support in VK and thay adviced me to change my password. I changed. but it still doesn't work. After they were looking my acc and said that I was banned because of Teleport hacking. I don't even know what is it, what can I say about using...What can I do to be unblocked?
  16. Taipe

    Metzen the Reindeer

    Christmas event started and there is quest called "Metzen the Reindeer". On all screenshots and videos about vanilla chirstmas event Metzen the Reindeer is located in Tanaris Lost Rigger Cove, but it cant be found or isnt spawning currently.
  17. ghostlyfigure

    Control Panel > Your Characters

    How do I link an account with the characters then? im using the same email. Thought i only had one account
  18. thecrazyscot

    Control Panel > Your Characters

    wrong account
  19. ghostlyfigure

    Control Panel > Your Characters

    None of my characters are showing up on the control panel? Anyone have the same issue?
  20. Last week
  21. Rain

    Can't join general chat

    It is likely an addon. Disable all addons and try again.
  22. Zancon

    Cant find character

    Unless you can tell me which realm it was on, probably not. Just going to have to wait.
  23. meridaw

    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    you can try Shino's discord https://discord.gg/JMQrrqy
  24. Modimusanvilmar

    Cant find character

    ok...thanks...buy the way is there a way to know if my character still exist? or i just have to wait?
  25. Beth95

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    Had it drop on my 152nd! Well worth it 😊
  26. Проблема не со стороны проекта. Попробуйте использовать другой браузер.
  27. TerraBaddie

    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    video proof: Also before people tell me that the KTM_PetMod.lua doesn't work you must do the following after installing to your wow dir ~ "Addons" folder mine: G:\Vanilla WoW\Interface\AddOns\KLHThreatMeter go into the KLHThreatMeter.toc and add: "Code\KTM_PetMod.lua" to the TOC file should look like this: ## Interface: 11200 ## Title: KLHThreatMeter ## Author: [email protected] ## Notes: A Threat Meter ## DefaultState: Enabled ## LoadOnDemand: 0 ## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: KLHTM_SavedVariables Code\KTM_Core.lua Code\Localisation\KTM_Localisation.lua Code\Localisation\KTM_enUS.lua Code\Localisation\KTM_deDE.lua Code\Localisation\KTM_frFR.lua Code\Localisation\KTM_zhCN.lua Code\Localisation\KTM_zhTW.lua Code\Localisation\KTM_koKR.lua Code\KTM_Alert.lua Code\KTM_Bosses.lua Code\KTM_Combat.lua Code\KTM_CombatParser.lua Code\KTM_Console.lua Code\KTM_Data.lua Code\KTM_Diagnostic.lua Code\KTM_My.lua Code\KTM_Net.lua Code\KTM_NetIn.lua Code\KTM_Output.lua Code\KTM_PetMod.lua ////////<FILE LOCATION ADDED HERE> Code\KTM_Tables.lua Code\KTM_Regex.lua Code\KTM_Unit.lua Code\KTM_UserMods.lua Code\GUI\KTM_Gui.lua Code\GUI\KTM_SelfGui.lua Code\GUI\KTM_RaidGui.lua Code\GUI\KTM_TitleGui.lua Code\GUI\KTM_OptionsGui.lua Code\GUI\KTM_Frame.xml Code\GUI\KTM_OptionsFrame.xml Code\KTM_Bindings.xml
  28. TerraBaddie

    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    Hey! I don't know how active you are but if you ever get a chance or become active on here again. I posted a link to a github that has a KTM_PetMod.lua in the code. I was wondering if you or someone you know could improve on the coding for the file. At it's current state the code distributes pet aggro, but it is very janky and doesn't increase like player threat. It almost seems as though it is TPS and only Threat per second, which is hard to compare to overall threat of the player vs TPS of pet. I was wondering if there would be a way to edit the code to display Over all Pet threat for the combat with the target mob. ~edit: The code doesn't even show TPS its just what the pet did last... wether its cast Torment or melee or both. The code needs some work so it shows total pet threat. ~This was to Shino but I don't know how active he is and I want to get anyone that knows how to lua script for vanilla on this project! If you can get this code working for pet threat over all threat instead of threat per second I would be astounded!
  29. TerraBaddie

    KTM Threatmeter not showing pet aggro

    Found an interesting github for KTM. I take no credit for the work, but someone named ericraio was working on a pet mod for KTM. It is kinda janky and the threat for the pet fluctuates up and down unlike player threat but thought I would help the warlock and hunters out in the community: also if anyone knows how to edit the code to where the aggro / threat of the pet keeps rising instead of changing to current TPS msg on here please! github for KTM_PetMod.lua file https://github.com/ericraio/vanilla-wow-addons/blob/master/k/KLHThreatMeter/Code/KTM_PetMod.lua main depository https://github.com/ericraio/vanilla-wow-addons
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