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  3. Usually do both, depending if it's the main action bar or a sidebar. Gonna test today again in raid with newest test master.
  4. Also, do you recall whether you were clicking the macro or using a keybind when you got error?
  5. Hey all, what happens at this Server ? i play now since about 3 month at this Server and yes it is a pvp Server, i like pvp and pve. I have no Problems beeing killed at leveling by groups, by other players they are better then me, by a lvl 60 player BUT i don´t like it if any UD Rogue means to gank my Corp over and over again.... at this Time in STV are a few lvl 60 UD Rogues and kill all what they see. Is this fun ? are they frustrated ? dont know, but what i know is that i have never seen such Iditos since i played wow and i started in 2k4 ! Yes , sometimes a lvl 60 is ganking, and there are a few possibilities ..o no wait, only 1 possibilitie to leveling again...resurrect at Spirit Healer with becooming 10 min a debuff. So what should gm´s do ? i don´t know, cause killing others is a part of this game, corpse ganking should not be a part. This Server is free and it feels like that every Scum at Earth who plays Wow comes and play UD Rogue.... Weeks ago the leveling Spots was full with Players, now it will be fewer and fewer...not only cause such Idiots, but they are a reason why ppl dont like to leveling here again.... @Horde Rogues who likes Corpseganking and killing lowies, if u have no one more to gank cause many leave what will u do ? kill once is ok, perhaps twice but than make a break !
  6. Hey, I'm rather new to the whole Elysium thing, I was merely wondering if the Dragons of Nightmare have been added yet as I can't seem to find any info on it myself. Thank you for the help!
  7. I'm currently searching for an Oceanic gaming community and guild for a few friends and I in anticipation of Classic World of Warcraft release, but also for general gaming (we are from South Australia). As a preface, we have not been very actively engaged in many private servers for some time, not that we have any issue with them. We all played the original World of Warcraft upon release in Australia and made it far as Ahn'Qiraj (from servers Silvermoon and Proudmoore originally). To give you an idea of how serious we took it back then, my friend had server first Hand of Ragnaros and I had one of the first Rhok'delar. We would love to relive it all in a good community of mature, fun, like-minded people. We aren't religious, prejudiced, or elitist, and accept and enjoy different cultures, opinions and ideas. However, we would like to be a part of a community and guild that will be able on the same page in Classic World of Warcraft. To clarify, this would be a guild or community that already has an idea of what kind of structure it will have, systems that will be in place for raiding, and has some form of policy in regards to how it recruits. If not, one that intends on developing these areas. In saying that, we are happy to apply to join a community, and it would even be preferable that we did have to. We all have careers of some variety now or own businesses, so we've all made an agreement to take 3 weeks off and play pretty intensely, and then taper off to evenings and weekends thereafter for sustainability. It would be fantastic to have people to play with and contribute to the success of a community. We play a whole heap of random games at the moment including, but not limited to, Company of Heroes, DOTA 2, PUBG, Age of Empires II HD, FarCry5, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3, Destiny 2 and CIV VI. Any recommendations would be much appreciated, please don't hesitate to throw a link in as a response.
  8. Other Server Database Compromise

    This is why I completely created new accounts at Elysium after ditching Lemmings Hope permanently. LH knew my old account details. Fresh server with fresh account creation for the win. I would recommend doing that to other Elysium players, at least as a back up account option if you don't want to use new accounts for your main and most used alts. I was very happy with my new account when Elysium relaunched and I am still happy, for the record, and use I that instead.
  9. Mage Pre-Raid suggestions

    K, I added every single link to classicdb and some more items, dull work is dull. I used the DB of Rising Gods TLK server, but information there might be inaccurate since it's the same website I got the gloves of frozen wrath from : Better than nothing tho, I yes, getting those gloves should only be a matter of chance while doing ST for leveling or something. Actually farming them is almost crazier than farming Deathcharger's Reins since finding groups for ST is already a pain in the ass.
  10. Mage Pre-Raid suggestions

    Oh, for back also: Heliotrope Cloak Dropped by: Guard Mol'dar & Guard Slip'kik, Dire Maul North (4.32% chance to drop) Stats: +10 Intellect, +1% Critical Strike Chance
  11. Mage Pre-Raid suggestions

    Which site shows the drop rate percentages by type (like frozen wrath)? I know there used to be some way back but I haven't found any. One note on that, your guide says like 7% chance + .1% chance on the Atal'ai gloves for example. Just want to make sure it's clear these are two independent rolls. The first roll is to see if the gloves drop and that's a 7% chance (per mini boss right? So there's like 6 or so chances per run). Then it rolls for stats and that's the 0.1% for frozen wrath meaning there's a 1 in 7000 chance (per mini boss) of getting the frozen wrath gloves. Such a long shot I don't recommend anyone ever trying to "farm" them.
  12. Mage Pre-Raid suggestions

    Thank you very much for the clarification sir, I will add your suggestions asap
  13. Mage Pre-Raid suggestions

    Head: Green Lens of Frozen Wrath +34/+36 frost spells and +10 stamina (245 engineering) Neck: Tempest Talisan - Hydrospawn - DME 20% - +7 int, +6 spirit +1% crit Back: multiple green cloaks from level 53-60 have +21 to frost spells Hands: There are no green (random stat) of frozen wrath gloves. Gloves were fiery wrath. Waist: Just clarification. The Ban'thok sash drops now but is green with crap stats. I'm assuming existing ones will change to blue with the upgraded stats when the proper patch hits. Finger: Frigid Band lvl 56 (world drop green) +10 int +14 frost dmg, Band of the Unicorn level 43 (world drop green) +13 dmg/healing Enchants: Head/legs - Arcanum of Focus +8 spell dmg, Shoulders +5 resist all (purchased with Argent Dawn faction), Chest: also 100 mana, Waist: none is correct
  14. Please take a look at the following thread.
  15. my character i missing

    Open a ticket in game and one of our GMs will take a look. I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.
  16. URGENT - ALL PLAYERS We have seen more and more accounts getting compromised lately, but were unable to confirm the source. We now have strong evidence to believe that Light's Hope's account database has been compromised and each players account information STOLEN. This was recently confirmed by Sunwell (another private server) - and announced via their social media platforms. We STRONGLY urge you to change your in-game password immediately on Elysium - ESPECIALLY if you used any form of similar account information on Light's Hope. To change your password, please log in game and type the following command: [ .account password OLDPASS NEWPASS NEWPASS ] OLDPASS = Your current password / NEWPASS = Password you would like to change to. Please report to the GM team IMMEDIATELY if you suspect your account may have been compromised.(edited) Also - be aware that your account security on Elysium is always of the highest priority. We have full time System Administrators ensuring the protection of your player and account data. This breach was on another private server (Light's Hope), and in the off chance you use the same information here as on LH, its important for you to change your password on Elysium. Thank you!
  17. Test Server - boats and blimps not functioning

    Note: I have submitted the same on Github.
  18. I've been wanting to do some tests of the new patch on the test server but for the last several days the boats and blimps do not show up making it impossible to move between continents. One of the two trams are functioning between SW & IF.
  19. Yesterday
  21. The error you got from /run ActionMirroringFrame.debug = true is really weird coz it should only be possible if the addon isn't loaded at all.
  22. yes, working normally...just get this error when running your script and the error above during the single bossfight. Gonna do a clean install for tomorrows raid with your latest testfiles.
  23. my character i missing

    my account just got unbanned and my character is missing. Name is davidjohn level 30 warrior
  24. Crafting Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope Nighthaven Horde Ingame name Axl
  25. Elysium NightHaven 数据库预告

    现在NightHaven的数据库已经进入Alpha版本,这个数据库会提供全面的完整中文翻译。 很快大家就能使用这个数据库搜索游戏里的物品和服务器的进展带来的新的物品。谢谢大家一直以来的支持。
  26. Are you getting this while the addon is working?
  27. Нас часто спрашивают: будет ли у нас собственная база данных? Наш ответ: будет! Как вы можете видеть на изображении ниже, можно будет переключать язык базы, изучить информацию о предметах, существах, способностях. Рассчитать таланты в калькуляторе талантов, выбрать необходимую версию патча и сравнить изменения вышеперечисленного. Но учтите, это только ещё альфа версия, многое предстоит сделать, доработать. С уважением, ваша команда проекта Elysium.
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