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AH items disappearing?

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Hello, I was wondering something.

I've been using the AH without any issues at all, when I buy stuff I get it, when I sell stuff I get the gold.
This wednesday I looted a Warmonger http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=13052

After hearing from some people it was worth quite some gold, I put it on the AH that same wednesday. Yesterday when I checked, the auction was gone but no gold/item in the mail. Today I still haven't got any gold or the item.

So on to my questions:

Is this just an unfortunate unlucky bug? That rarely happens? (Have any of you had experience with this? same thing happen?)

Can people perhaps glitch an item out of the AH for free? (since at the start people could duplicate items) because it's weird this suddenly happens with a rare expensive item.


But hey, shit happens. I don't mind that it's gone, I was just wondering what the communities' experience is with the AH and items perhaps disappearing.

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Never heard of that one before.

I have experienced COD hacking wherein people obtain the COD item without paying, but I have never heard of an hack so far that would enable one to pick up an item from an auction without paying.

It should be possible though by a really pro hacker. Just why bother with a Warmonger?

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3 minutes ago, Erjh8765 said:

Just why bother with a Warmonger?

Myeah agreed, I guess it's a very unlucky bug for me ^^

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