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Elysium Oceanic Downtime

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Hi all,

There is a serious deadzone of administration during late NA and early Oceanic downtime. Several raids and many quests ended in sadness last night as the server went down for what must've been a couple of hours. Whenever it goes down at these times it is down for a long time. The excuse we always hear is, "The administrators need to get out of bed and turn it on". Is this the final answer on this? I mean no offense but I don't intend to progress on this server or recommend anyone else I play with do so if this issue is not addressed. Having the possibility that the server will go out for 2-4 hours during the times that I will raid (and this happens often) just makes it not really worth it to me. 

I know the community is full of responsible people like myself who are up at these hours and would be willing to help with any manual intervention necessary but it honestly doesn't seem like the administration of this server is concerned about this issue or cares to actually address it. Again, not trying to be a jerk here. Just calling out what seems to be the case. I know the server is provided as a free service but I also know that you aim to provide a good experience. My goal is to point out a serious hole in this experience. My main goal is to get a real response on this. What is being done to fix the crashing? What is the plan for off hours when administration cannot restart the server?

Thanks for everything you do,


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