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The odd party constellation

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Im calling upon others who wouldnt mind experimenting with mixing various classes in a dungeon party, in a non traditional setup. In other words not nessecarily having a warrior as a tank everytime, for example. Id like to party up with feral and shammy tanks. Of course a warrior will always be the optimal tank, but for me im more interested in a challenge and to try out new things.

If theres a "crazy" build you always wanted to try but never did because of the backlash you think you may get from the community/party/guild or whatever, due to the fact its not the optimal choice for your class and role in the party, Id encourage you to join me. Lets break the norm and have fun! 

If there are other likeminded out there who would enjoy this kind of approach to dungeon runs hook me up on nighthaven.

Names Rorax in-game. (Horde)

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I have tanked a dungeon before as a hunter with my pet at the MT.  I actually worked out fairly nicely because having 4 dps rather than 3 was a huge boost in mob kill speed.

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