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This Saturday, starting at 7pm EST, invites will start going out for a pug Molten Core run hosted by the guild <North American Allstars>.

For an invite to the run, go to Inn in Orgrimmar and look for the big fat Tauren Warrior named "Seeth".  An inspection of gear will take place before the invite.  Expected gear is pre-raid bis (or second best).  Missing a piece or two will be acceptable.  You will be expected to be in the raid from roughly 8pm EST until 11pm EST.  An entire arsenal of consumables is not expected, however, the basic (and relatively cheap) ones are (i.e. a stack of healing potions, elixir of the mongoose, elixir of shadow power, etc.).  Being able to connect to our guild discord is also required.  Link will be given in raid chat.

It looks like we are going to be short on Holy Priests, Resto Druids, Warlocks, Hunters and Mages.  However, if you are of another spec and still interested in joining, don't be afraid to ask for an invite as we might still be short.

Loot rules:

1) MS (the spec you joined the raid as) > OS.  For each item you receive, you will have -50 added to any future roll.  This will help prevent a player from getting lucky and winning every roll while also still giving them at least a shot at looting a second item (thus incentive for them to stay and help).

2) All BOE green and blue armor/weapons will be randomly given to players that stick it out until the end of the run.

3) BOE set epics will be rolled on per #1 above.

4) All crafting materials are reserved for our guild (sorry this the price for us putting the effort to get this together).  Same goes for any recipe that drops or bindings.

*Run was a success.  We downed Luci and Geh resulting in a total of 6 epics distributed to 6 participants.


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