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Rogue poison macro

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Hey guys. I’m looking for a macro that will allow me to click a button/hit a keybind and automatically apply ‘x’ poison to ‘a’ weapon...and possible using alt-click/left click to apply ‘y’ poison to ‘b’ weapon. (Or I can just do two separate macros for MH and OH


i have found some macros like this on the internet, but none of them work! I just get the ‘type /help for a list of commands’ message (the macro everyone else has posted uses the command ‘/use’ which appears to not exist in this patch....


thank you! 

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I'm not sure how helpful this will actually be to you but i would assume it would be something like...

/script if IsShiftKeyDown() then UseInventoryItem(2); else use (UseInventoryItem(1);end

By putting your main poison in the first bag slot and the alternate poison in the second it will apply poison to your main hand weapon, unsure how to make it apply to your offhand though, perhaps someone else would have more knowledge.

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