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Leveling guild recruiting late starters for end game content

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<Zug Zug Team Six> Is a leveling guild with the intent of raiding end game content. The Zug leadership has a plan for two raid teams. Zug Team 1 and Zug team 2. We have set the conditions for Zug Team 1, as to solidify a tentative 40 man+reserve roster no later than APR 23rd with the hope to be in MC sometime in May. For the less serious players who would like a raid slot, yet will hit 60 on or around ~ July.. We have set the foundation for a Zug Team 2. Either way we will take care of you and try to get you in a raid team. 

On behalf of the Zug Team, we look forward to seeing you within our community.

Thank you for reading,


- Doomflake

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Hey are you guys still alive and well? Would like to join, fresh start but semi experienced in vanilla.

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