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53+Druid LFG

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Played up through Naxx in Vanilla, and Kara in TBC as a Warrior.

Started on this server at the end of December, and I am looking for a guild to play with on this server. Mostly just want a group of people that are welcoming, and might be willing to take in a stray. Doesnt have to be raid oriented, but would be nice to have some options for end game.


Abrock - Feral Druid


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Hello, fellow adventurers!

The <Lords of Azeroth> (Alliance) is a small casual/leveling guild.  We have a laid back atmosphere and are looking for other friendly, active and mature players to join our ranks and have fun playing this wonderful game.  We only have 2 rules.  Have fun, and be friendly/mature.  If you're looking for a fun, relaxed and drama free environment to level up, quest or hang out in, then send "Githiel" a /tell or in-game mail.  There are no level requirements, no experience required.  We are not looking to become a huge guild, nor are we focused on become some sort of end game final boss farming guild.  We enjoy all that vanilla WoW has to offer, and encourage everyone to play wow how they enjoy.  Yes, we plan on doing some raiding, group PvP, etc... but we are not die hard elitists.  If you like to RP, go for it!  We're a judgement free guild.  Just keep the drama level at 0, and you're in!  See you in Azeroth!

-Githiel (Paladin)

I am usually online from around 5:30-10pm (CST)(US), but you can always send me an in-game mail, or contact anyone in the guild and they can get ahold of me or an officer on our discord.

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