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[H] Zul Gurub - Saturday @ 2200

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Hey all!

This Saturday at 2200 server time I will be building a pickup ZG raid.  Loot will be distributed using Gold-DKP (gold-bidding for items - more on that later).  Invites are available to anyone with their blue dungeon set complete and ideally enchanted – we have some development to do, ja!  Anyone wishing to join should post here or send me a message. 

Also, feel free (anyone) to join our pickup raid chat channel (bur) by typing /join bur.  Raid will last between 2 & 3 hours.  I’m looking for a little bit of everything – will need tanks, healers, DPS.  Seems like there are a lot of bored people sitting around Orgrimmar.  Let's go raid and make some money!

Time: Saturday March 2nd at 2200 Server Time
Location: ZG
Loot: GDKP
Chat Channel: Bur
Discord: Revolution

GDKP – Gold DKP – What is it
When an item drops that you want, you bid gold for it and the highest bid wins.  At the end of the raid, we distribute the gold pot 20 ways – so everyone gets something.  Your time is valuable and if you’re not going to get an item, I want to pay you for it.  I’ve found this way of dividing gear to be a lot of fun – and for people who are already well geared, a great way to farm raid mats and such.

Chat Channel – Bur
I have plans to build a series of pickup raids.  To get to know people and help with gearing/raids/etc, I’m building a chat channel and want to get people talking and instancing.  If you’re interested, please feel free to join us.  Type  ‘/join bur’.

Raid instruction will be given using Revolution guild’s Discord channel.  The link is here:


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