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Selling Priest & Mage [H] - Nighthaven

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Priest - Smygprutt, 1265 coins.    SOLD!!!!!

* Attuned to everything but Onyxia.
* Epic mount
* Benediction/Anathema (Enchanted with +healing)
* 300 tailoring
* 300 Engineering(for pvp)
* Got decent shadow gear (Bloodvine set for example)
* 643+ Healing

Mage - Slakis, 990 coins.  SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Attuned to everything
* Epic mount
* 300 Tailoring
* 300 Herb
* 30+ Spell dmg on staff
* Great to farm DME, ZG, BRD arena etc. I've made so much gold on this char ❤️

Over and out.

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