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WTS/WTT - Hunter, nighthaven, horde

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Hunter: Mordhot

3x Giantstalker (Shoulder, bracer, legs)
1x Dragonstalker (Helm)
Ossirans bindnig
Signet of the unseen path
Rest is BiS pre-raid
300 First aid
300 LW
315 Skinning
Epic riding skill
Reins of the nightwatch wolf (From shop)
170x Dark desire (2% hit for 1h) in bank
3x 28-slot bag
50x Different pots - Mongoose, fire res, arc ress, major mana etc.
Mature Blue dragon sinew (in bank)
Mature Black dragon sinew (in bank)

Will include 200g that will be sent after purchase, just send me a PM and login on the hunter - DONT CHANGE NAME before gold has been traded.

Also interested into trading this Hunter for Druid. The druid MUST have epic mount. Thats the only demand.

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