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Fresh start on Nethergarde

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Hi guys,
is starting fresh character on Nethergarde server still good idea? I see there's around 400-500 people on daily, but do you think that after classic release Nethergarde will die?
How do you feel, is it still worth to spend some time developing character on Nethergarde? Thanks for every advice :)

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I'm playing on Nethergrade, almost lvl 60 now. I started while there were more players hoped that the server will stay alive, but it started to die out. There were two guilds raiding on the Hord side just a week ago and now they are not even online at all, maybe they are just waiting for the raid night, not sure.  But there are players still leveling and playing, I think in the end there should be at least one group for the raid, so I think it has the potential to still play on it. The only problem is doing low-level dungeons after ZF and Mara it's so hard to find a decent tank :) So if there is still time to reroll I suggest to go for a tank class on Hord side at least.  

Also, Admins might do something with the server, if it drops very low let's say less then 50 players online not sure if that's worth keeping. At least I am hoping that they will do something in that case since my time will be wasted. I know there is TBC server soon to be open but I'm not into that, I want to play vanilla.

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