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Can't get above 5% GPU usage . 3080

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Ryzen 3700x RTX 3080 

Max gpu usage is getting a max of 5% and i get average 60 fps but it stutters and freezes constantly. Also cpu usage is at 2% while playing .Im not sure if this is just because the client or if it's something i missed.

Things I have tried : making the app high performance in display settings , installing directx 9 , changing compatibility  , changing monitor to 1080p and 60hz refresh , disabling 2nd monitor , fresh install and the same thing happened when i tried a TBC server.

My drivers are all up to date and I have 0 issues playing any other game . I use msi afterburner to monitor the performance.

Also this is weird but when I go into windowed mode I just get a black screen until I hit esc to revert back


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Hello swizfamousx,

Try reseating your GFX card, if the issue persists your card may be defective, does this happen in any other games?

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