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  2. Wow no wonder it takes skill, thats why i am so bad at it XD tnx for telling me this i thought it was bugged or smth...

    Can not login

    I cannot login after changing my password(because i forgot my original) i get a message saying " the information you have entered is invalid, please check you password and account name" any clues on how to solve it? thanks!
  4. Mantiblades

    TBC Horde guild RECRUITING

    Guild name "WHO CARES" is recruiting
  5. Hey guys Anyone knows, why when I'm logged into the website I can't see my warlock and/or druid, but when searching the name I can see it ( Orcgasms ) also, is TBC out and how will the transfer char work? -Been away for quite a while 😛
  6. Zancon

    Char import

    If they create a tool to do so we will accept transfers from any other reputable server project.
  7. skuzzlebut

    Char import

    Hi, will there be an opportunity to import the char data from light's hope when they shut down their server on classic launch?
  8. FallenxPhoenix

    TBC server showing offline

    I didnt use the launcher to launch the game, i click on the WoW. exe which loads the game and then i sign in, select the realm list and behold the TBC server is sill offline. Ive gone over the beginners guide, i even installed the 7zip and nothing. My realmlist.wtf is correct as i copied it from one of your other post replies in regards to the TBC expansion. I just dont know what the hell is wrong. My vanilla WoW which i am playing has its own folder. I created a new folder, re-downloaded the game from the beginners guide, put it into its own new folder, extracted the media fire download of the TBC expansion, moved it into that new folder with the new re-downloaded game, click on the WoW.exe to open WoW. It opens and i am promted to login, i do, and then prompted to select a realm and the TBC is still offline.
  9. twodad

    WTT/WTS 60 Human Rogue

    Epic mount, exalted AV, mostly preraid bis. Mainly looking for dwarf priest but will look at others.
  10. Zancon

    Looting is changing my camera angle

    Very strange behavior sorry I am not any help on this one.
  11. Zancon

    Nethergarde transfer to new TBC server

    Yes, both servers can copy to TBC. You will still retain the original on Vanilla as well.
  12. The tremor totem pulses on a timer. It's quite the skill in vanilla to do it correctly.
  13. Zancon

    TBC server showing offline

    You dont use the launcher, only WoW.exe. be sure to follow the beginners guide in my signature.
  14. Last week
  15. Timshelyn

    Looting is changing my camera angle

    This is actually exactly how I have mine already set up. 😕 I appreciate the suggestion, though. Also, I'm on a Mac using the Windows version through the Wine + xQuartz option since the most current version of MacOS doesn't support the Mac version of the download, so I may just be stuck with the issue. Stinks though. Makes fishing tricky, and I have to set a hotkey to reset my camera view after every loot.
  16. I know this is dug down in the fine print somewhere, but are Nethergarde players available to transfer their toons to the new TBC server? I know Nighthaven has specifically been given this option. Thanks!
  17. Prolandman

    Realm Transfer

    Thank you.
  18. Theolitician

    Two 60 Players LFGuild English

    Well met! I have a friend who plays a lvl 60 Rogue, and I have a 60 in all classes listed below. Open to change specs to whatever is needed. Looking for a guild for TBC leveling and endgame content. Both ages 30+. Hit me up in game! Confvcius - Lock Criscringle - Mage Jesvs - Priest Mvhammed - Warrior Bluzedruid - Druid Solatedo - Paladin Or the second player: Jeramy - Rogue Cheers!
  19. While i was doing quest " Beware of Pterrodax" i realized that putting tremor totem for their magic ability spell "Fear" didnt do anything , i am just wondering does tremor totem have some kind of proc percentage or is it bugged? (it should be able to remove that fear from me ... ) Tnx P.S I was in range with my totem !
  20. FallenxPhoenix

    TBC server showing offline

    Man i dont know what i am doing wrong but for whatever reason this thing just doesn't want to launch. I have my vanilla WoW in folder of its own, reinstalled the launcher in a new folder, downloaded the 2-4-3 TBC from media fire, compressed it into a zip, extracted the zip into the new folder with the new launcher, changed the realmWTF to the login tbc (i put the whole thing in the notepad just didnt want to spell it out), launched it using the WoW.exe from the new folder, logged into, prompted to choose a realm and it still says that the TBC server is offline. I know i am not that computer savy but i feel like i did everything i was suppose to. I also appreciate you helping me through all this, i know for sure it can get irritating but please know your help is greatly appreciated.
  21. Jeddahwe

    Can't Log In

    Great thanks!
  22. Zancon

    TBC server showing offline

    The game is WoW.exe you have to actually install the installer to a new folder. It must be separate from your 1.12.1 vanilla wow install as well as your install of retail WoW, if you have one. The same rules and directions apply to TBC as vanilla in our beginners guide. Link to that is in my signature below.
  23. Jeepers Creepers

    Valkyrie wow - закрыт навсегда?

    Это прозвучало как комплимент. Вроде ваши же подняли, но не вчитывался. Погляжу как-то зайду. Я то не из ваших психов буду но может притрусь. Надеюсь этот сервер не загнется через год.
  24. Zancon

    Looting is changing my camera angle

    I was hoping that maybe someone else would of had this problem, or heard of it before and be able to answer you. I guess not - so maybe we go through settings I use and hope we get lucky? So in interface options, the camera section; Style - Smart Follow Terrain and Head Bob are both unchecked. Auto Follow speed is in the middle, water collision and smart pivot are both checked. Mouse look speed is in the center and max camera distance is as high as it goes.
  25. Is there an ETA of when the server will be back online? Thanks
  26. Zancon


    When you log into the game, choose a server and then there will be a "Create Character" button. Nighthaven is our older server, fully progressed through all content. Higher population. Nethergard is our fresh server launched more recently and still progressing through content. Lower population.
  27. еб@ть ты наркоман=) на валькирщика зайди конспиратор, почитай=)
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