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  1. Palydon

    Apprentince Riding value issue

    Does he have a higher PvP rank? That also gives a bit of discount
  2. Palydon

    Jack of all trades

    https://classicdb.ch/?talent#sxxuMxoZVGzZxf0tb What do you experts think of that? It's not intended for end game raiding (even though I healed in ZG/MC as full ret back in the day) but for dungeon crawling to obtain pre-raid BiS, farming some gold and maybe even some PvP (no R14 goals..). + SoC for some burst in PvP + Divine Favour and 5/5 in Illumination for more mana efficency + Blessing of Kings + Precision (3% hit is always nice) + Redoubt for some extra survivability against rogues and warriors. + Consecration to reveal those sneaky cats and rogues + Pursuit of Justice to atleast have a chance in hell to close gaps - No Repentace - No Holy Shock (lackluster with pre-raid blues anway, atleast for offensive use) - Autoattack and pray for RNG IF I find myself in a place where I've farmed enough gold/materials/whatever and got some armour with ok stats I do intend to go full holy, but this spec is intended for a fresh level 60 with random blue dungeon items and questing greens. Looking for some advice from seasoned Paladins, player of lesser classes can also comment if they bring something valuable into the discussion. God speed!
  3. Palydon

    Leveling after 1.4

    I have 2 higher level toons here - 1 shaman and 1 paladin - and from my experience the alliance is ganking just as hard as horde. I try to play fair, I never participate in gank squads, and I keep my hands off grey;s but if you're AFK I see no reason to spare you! One kill, then I move on (if you selfres, I will ofcourse kill you again - if I can). Griefing and camping is bad, period. I see no reasons to ventilate my frustrations by killing helpless players of the opposite faction, but then again - it's just me. hang in there, when BG;s come there will be breathingroom for us :)
  4. Palydon

    [EU] Horde <Unfocused>

    <Unfocused> Is a new horde leveling guild. Our aim is to have a warm and welcoming athmosphere, a place where you can ask where Mankrik's wife is without beeing sent in the wrong direction or ridiculed. The long term goal is to have a dedicated crew that can farm end level dungeons for pre-raid BiS gear - and who knows, we might even go raiding. I have previous experience of endgame tanking (back in 2005) and until the official Classic realms are opened you will most likely find me here. We're not hardcore, nor are we casual scrubs - we're just unfocused! Even if it's and EU guild, we do welcome people from other timezones, it's not about the nationality after all, it's not their fault that they are offset by a couple of hours..