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  1. DontFeedTheTroll

    LF BS with Lionheart helm plan

    Ally or horde?
  2. DontFeedTheTroll

    DM farm still doable?

    I hit 60 a couple of days ago, and tried doing the farm for gold only the other day. Loot has dramatically decreased compared to when I was not lvl capped yet. Most packs didn't drop anything anymore. So I guess loot is nerfed once you hit lvl cap...
  3. DontFeedTheTroll

    Any Way to end the AV ?

    Wait for AV weekend and plenty of people will queue :)
  4. DontFeedTheTroll

    DM farm still doable?

  5. DontFeedTheTroll

    DM farm still doable?

    Hi NumberSept, I found a video that shows how to farm more packs. It does require to be lvl 60, otherwise you will pull aggro I believe. I haven't tried it yet as I am only lvl 54. Good luck!
  6. DontFeedTheTroll

    DM farm still doable?

    +1, would like to know this too as my mage is getting close to the lvl required to do this aoe farm! :)
  7. DontFeedTheTroll

    why ppl camp lower level players??

    Lol, you're funny. You really think there's a difference between ally and horde behavior? xD
  8. DontFeedTheTroll

    Is this server broken?

    Are you dual wielding weapons? And were you using a 2H weapon on your previous char? Because you get a huge penalty on your hit chance when dual wielding. (I think it's somewhere close to 8% chance to miss with a 2H, and 24% when dual wielding)
  9. DontFeedTheTroll

    Unitscan full list of rare spawns

    Hi, I'm not sure I understand how to make this work, but will give it a try when I get home, cause knowing when a silver elite is around means more loot :)
  10. DontFeedTheTroll

    Priest Leveling Guide

    So, I started levelling a priest, and I must say I didn't think wands would do so much damage so consistently. I do have one question though: Do quivers/ammo pouches bonus "xx% ranged attack speed" work on wand attack speed? If so, I'm just gonna SW: Pain and AFK wand :p Thanks for the help!
  11. DontFeedTheTroll

    World PvP

    As expected, the whole server has turned into a PvP fuckfest, and I am everyone's whore. I will see you guys in a month, I'll need that time for my anus to heal back to normal after what happened to me this weekend!
  12. DontFeedTheTroll

    World PvP

    I'm lvl 51, and PvP ranks will be introduced this weekend... How bad is it going to suck to grind those last 9 lvls? I'm gonna be lvl 60 players their bitch...