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  1. Daratrix

    Looking for RP!

    Fine by me, see you tomorrow o/ (Just in case : character name is Sineah)
  2. Daratrix

    Looking for RP!

    It sure does, I should be available most of the day Saturday.
  3. Daratrix

    Looking for RP!

    @VerdantElf No problme, same here. Usually every day, roughly from 6 PM to 0 AM. @account1 Yes, it's Europe (CMT is London) +6 from New York I believe. Up all week-end pretty much, hit me anytime.
  4. Daratrix

    Looking for RP!

    Sure thing! I'm in CMT (UTC + 1)
  5. Daratrix

    Why are Alliance such pussies?

    It's funny. Can say the same out of you, you hordies. Keep getting camped by full skull horde team in Lakeshire. Infamous undead rogue ninja ganks. What a constructive way to pass time. Cumulating negative kills. Have a nice day.
  6. Daratrix

    Looking for RP!

    *Rolls in when he hear "RP"* I'm in guys! Alliance side, always on the /RP when I play, hit me up!