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    Holy Paladins in Leveling, Groups and Vanilla

    Hey is it okay to have a link to the build you used and any other tips?
  2. HazordAstrals

    Beast o' Melee Hunter (13/0/38)

    I'm currently doing the same and tweaking the build, for levelling but pvp also. Would you mind linking me to yours? I'm currently level 18 and its been going a breeze. For solo play it works fine. Avoided using the Melee tactic as much with bigger groups as it doesnt work to well, although whilst in groups it does perform well in the 'tight corridor' areas. I've found Alchemy+Cooking to work really well with this build, especially the lower levels. Also the low level buff scrolls sold from vendors are great. Here is my variant for pvp aimed gameplay whilst levelling, with 6 points left over for disposal - http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cVVhZZcxbiRhux