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  1. Rogfaroth

    Hunter damage calculator

    updated the link to the tool, it is now located here https://huntercalculator.firebaseapp.com/ and can be saved as an app on your phone
  2. Rogfaroth

    Hunter damage calculator

    Updated the site to work better on mobile phones. I am now working on offline functionality and app icon so you can save the site as an app. Better documentation and written guide is coming as well.
  3. Rogfaroth

    Hunter damage calculator

    Thank you. It has indeed taken a while but I had a lot of fun doing it :)
  4. Rogfaroth

    Hunter damage calculator

    I have been building a damage calculator that will let you compare talents (that affect ranged damage), stats and weapons. It is based on the work done by Lactose and the formulae he has provided. It is hopefully a little easier to understand and work with than a spreadsheet but I am very interested to hear your thoughts on this. the calculator is located here: https://huntercalculator.firebaseapp.com/ I made a video introduction as well:
  5. Rogfaroth

    Hunter Damage Cycles Breakdown (EJ Repost)

    first version online, more info to come later http://shothappens.eu/
  6. Rogfaroth

    Hunter Damage Cycles Breakdown (EJ Repost)

    Thank you for posting this, I have been looking for this information. I am working on turning it into an online damage-cycle calculator https://ibb.co/dJUF96