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  1. Before we get some exact numbers on how a merge would convert the existing economy on the server i can't say yes or no, personally. I would love more players online, but if everybody brings 2k + gold ( i know 2k aint much for many people, but if 100++ players rejoin the server, the gold mass is just gonna be insane). The same goes for materials.. If we get a lot of mats on, the prices will drop, and if the amount of gold is inflated, it's gonna be next to impossible for new players and people who only just ding, to get enchants, items etc. So to sum up, i have some concerns, but if those can be handled in a manner that everyone can agree on, then i'm more than up for a merge!
  2. Makiota

    World PvP

    The server has just gone to shits tbh. 60s are spawn camping low lvls etc. for the next month (atleast) the server is gonna be dead, unless you're 60. I'll be off to find a server with a dev team who dosn't fuck up, in such huge ways as to give 60s epic mounts for 180g in a pvp patch, just to mock low lvls.
  3. Makiota

    More PvE realms

    Garthim, you're just another 60 who got his mount almost for free.. the amount of ignorance and stupidity of this dude... do us all a favor... kys
  4. Lets give all the 60s epic mounts at 20% the usual cost, and fuck over every1 who havn't reached 60 yet, by letting them try and grind 1000g (and level) in a world filled with highlevels ganking you every 2 seconds -.- Good job... This implementation of the costs pre 1.12 is just a VERY bad move on your side....
  5. Makiota

    More PvE realms

    Does any1 know of any good PVE servers? This gank/fuck fest is way too much..
  6. Makiota

    World PvP

    See you all in a month or 2.. this fuckfest is to much for people who havn't hit 60 yet.. seriously stupid to even try and level atm. I hope i'll be back, but not sure yet.. depends if it all quiets down.