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    Dungeon loot guide?

    I have had the same problem. The best bet is to get the Atlas Loot mod and look at it in game... but that doesn't help when you aren't on your computer. I have had ~some~ luck with This site, but some of the loot isn't correct for Nighthaven right now. Best bet is to grab the name of the Boss, Let's say, Rhahk'Zor. Now, enter Rhahk'Zor into ClassicDB and you will get his actual loot table. It's a pain, but its the only accurate way right now to get loot tables. Hopefully, Classic DB will add something to there instance pages later that will make this process less painful. Hope that helps!
  2. Character: Weedru (A) Anyone want to get this done and off their quest log? In the current patch is takes a raid to complete this quest and I would like to get a bunch of people together to get it done. Depending on the response, probably Thursday (March 1st) or later next week. I'm usually on any time after 930pm EST if you want to send me an ingame message. Respond if you are down. Since the quest completion is reliant on talking to an NPC after the battle... any Horde that want to help are welcome. <I> have no intention on attacking.
  3. WeeohhWeohh

    Cant skin

    Don't worry. Happens to most of us. Destroyed my skinning knife to make room for Finkle's Skinner back in the day. I couldn't skin any of the dragons after the instance and had to beg another skinner for the use of their knife!
  4. WeeohhWeohh

    Q about Dawn Treaders

    I'm on Nighthaven and was wondering if the Dawn Treaders and the Mantle of the Dawn are currently in the game. If so, I'll be trying to gather mats to have them made if anyone on Alliance side knows the patterns. Thanks!
  5. WeeohhWeohh

    Game Flies self deleting?

    I think I found out what was going on. I believe it has to do with Microsoft's OneDrive.
  6. WeeohhWeohh

    Hunter Level 10 Quest bug?

    I had a problem after I completed the quest. I couldn't tame a pet because it said I already had one. Call pet said I didn't. I logged and closed WoW. Loaded back in and it worked. Not sure this will help with your issue, but that did the trick for me. Edit: 2. "I'm a level 10 hunter and when trying to tame a pet for the class quest, I get invalid target" Make sure that you are trying to tame the right creature. If so, abandon the quest, close your client, delete the WDB folder, take the quest again and it should now work.
  7. WeeohhWeohh

    Game Flies self deleting?

    I'm going to preface this post with saying that I'm a huge newb when it comes to computers... so please respond in the lowest technical level you are able to. Thanks ahead of time! I installed the client a couple weeks ago and I was having a blast. A couple days ago I noticed my chat windows settings kept on changing without any action from myself. IE: Not being in LFG, not being in guild chat. Also, I couldn't shift click player's names and get level/class/zone info for them. The former wasn't a problem because I could just rejoin those channels but I had no Idea how to fix the latter. Not my biggest problem. Last night I was questing and noticed all my key bindings were reset (they reset mid session, they had been there for the past 2 hours) so I reset them. Thought it was curious but went on questing. About 10 minutes later I was flying so I clicked on the Atlas Loot mod to see loot tables in ST but it was stuck on the ZF map. I closed out and did /reloadui because that is usually what I do to fix any issues I have. After the reload, all my addons stopped working. I logged and looked at the addon interface and they were still there. Load back in, nothing. Switch to an alt, nothing. This is when I just close WoW and tried to reload. I was met with an error code. I looked at the client folder and it looked a little thin and then noticed my recycling bin was full of files. All of which involved my WoW files. Can anyone help me understand what is happening. I don't want to set everything back up and have this issue again. Points of interest: -New laptop (purchased about a month ago). It has malware protection. -All WoW Files were located in the documents folder -Addons: All the addons I got from the forum links (GitHub). They include: Atlas Loot and Enhanced, A UI mod (I can't remember the name), SUUCbag, Questie, A U X, Mail and I think that's about it. -Only my wife and I use the computer. The only thing I have loaded on it was the WoW client and addons. She only uses it to do online purchases and bill payments. -No gold purchases -I didn't give my login / account info to anyone Thanks again