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  1. It's best for a hunter because of wingclip, that part is true. But 3 hunters? No. Just have 1 nf hunter that should be enough, and you dont need to use nf all fight either, there will be time to swap out weapon, and even jump out on range and do some regular rotation. Annihilator is a little bit overrated in my opinion, the armor debuff is nowhere near as big as fx. sunders, but it is probably worth it on very long bossfights. If your guild wish to use annihilator atleast 2 people should have it, to quickly get the debuffs capped and not lose to much dps. Hunters are probably the best candidates to wield annihilator as well, however my guild had 1 hunter and 2 warriors use it.
  2. SammyTheSalmon

    TBC char transfer

    How do I transfer a char from Nighthaven to the TBC beta realm ? Also, I am unsure of whether I need a new account for the TBC realm.
  3. SammyTheSalmon

    Gold exchange

    So I checked out the Gold exchange and slapped up; 250g from char "aucs" 20g from char "Boberboss" and 10g from char "bobfromwork" 20g and 10g submission is still to be found at the gold exchange "buy" page, however the 250g i posted is missing and I have not received any coins, and the gold deducted from the character is still missing. Is there a time of day when coin values are updated? Or perhaps something else I am missing?
  4. SammyTheSalmon

    Gold exchange

    Im fairly sure it wasn't up at the time I wrote this, good news though, the coins have appeared on my account. There must have been a delay. Thank you for your help.
  5. SammyTheSalmon

    Double XP and player base

    On one of the expansions ? Well how about the 1.12.1 client ? I know xp can be modified to stop completely on a char (twinks insignia), but I havent seen xp rates modified for a single char on the vanilla client. Anyway, even if it's possible, I would most likely be sad to see it happen.
  6. SammyTheSalmon

    Double XP and player base

    No I don't like this suggestion. Check out the character auctions if you want to skip the leveling. I'm also pretty sure that turning xp rates for a single char is not an option in the game, simply a limitation of the engine.
  7. SammyTheSalmon

    Battle shout issue

    Nope, I use Turles launcher, wdb is loaded from server on every launch. However, I must say I cannot rule out that the issue is on my end. I have acquired my 1.12.1 from a different source than your recommended, and I have a suspicion it might cause the issues. Thanks for your time. EDIT: I resolved my problem by getting a fresh 1.12.1 wow client. Updating in case somebody could find it useful
  8. SammyTheSalmon

    Battle shout issue

    My improved battle shout doesn't show the correct value either, but when I check my AP with Theory Craft, the correct total value is displayed. I'm not 100%, but it looks like a tooltip bug.
  9. SammyTheSalmon

    What happened to the "good" community?

    It might be seasoned players rolling alts and leveling in groups, you can't really blame them for just powering through.
  10. SammyTheSalmon

    Whats your favorite game!!

    By most hours played: cs.1.6, dota1&2, diablo 2, half-life including various mods, vanilla wow and War3tft. However in my own opinion: Half-life, Doom, Diablo1&2, Nethack, Warcraft series, Transport tycoon (yep), Dune2000, Red Alert, DukeNukem3D, Rise of the triad, Hexen.
  11. SammyTheSalmon

    Loosing my pet

    I also lost my first 2 tamed pets, got sick of it and bought 2 stacks of meat, and literally fed it one every minute. I have no idea if this is normal or not, but it felt inconsistent and a bit like a gameplay oversight imo.
  12. Seems to work perfectly. I am however still experiencing disconnects on login, I am now suspecting it may be a timeout, caused by my long loadtime. Can anyone tell me if switching to openGL, would increase or decrease my overall gpu demand/performance? Any other suggestions maybe ? My config:
  13. SammyTheSalmon

    Definition of safespotting

    Yeah I know which spots you are talking about, and I don't understand how you can even be in doubt if they are considered safespotting or not. It's clearly unintended to engage in pvp at these spots, anyone who tries to fight you back will instantly get aggroed by guards, potentially losing much more than a walk back to his corpse. Real dick move this safespotting and I'm honestly surprised it's only a 1-day ban.
  14. SammyTheSalmon

    GM Multi-boxing scare!

    No, you should not worry about using the follow function at all. However maybe you should get comfortable with the minimap, worldmap and zones, so you don't have to get lost all the time:)
  15. SammyTheSalmon

    Unitscan full list of rare spawns

    Im currently using uniscan and has been looking for this list, where did you find it? Also, does the scanned targets get re-enabled upon client launch/addon reload? Currently when a scanned target gets spotted I have to re "/unitscan "string"" to enable the tracker again. Thanks a lot for the list!!
  16. SammyTheSalmon

    Questmobs / Drop Quests

    Current server patch is 1.4.0 "The call to war" http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_1.4.0 Sadly I can only answer your first question. My best attempt to answer to your second, is to use the wowwiki and look through all prior patchnotes, up untill 1.4.0, but it's a bad answer, I know.
  17. SammyTheSalmon

    Reducing Respec Costs

    What is the current price for a respec at maximum fee? I suppose the price is standard blizzlike, like most other things on the server, right?