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  1. Oh, what a fascinating time it is! One can only incredulously stare at what’s happening to Azeroth with the release of the latest patch. Throughout many years of my World of Warcraft experience, one of the aspects that fascinated me so, was how vividly it reflected the real world we live in (small wonder, seeing as how it’s populated by living people, be it in a digital space) From the economic misadventures of gambling at the auction house, to the struggle of the two super-powers and the player interactions that go with it – Azeroth always left me in awe. It’s with the implementation of the latest patch that things went to a whole new level. Two words – FUCKING WAR. As a level 46, I can speak from firsthand experience - the atmosphere’s changed, there’s electricity in the air, born and fueled by anger fusing into hate. The world’s turned hostile like never seen before, and I find myself rotating the camera constantly, so as not to be taken by surprise by the motherfuckers coming to get me. You could say “It’s just a game, save your musings and fuck off” but what screwed my brain was how identical this chaos is to what happens when open war hits the real world. From a sociological point of view the resemblance is astounding, example being the world chat of either of the two factions – “How come Alliance (or Horde; whichever you play) are such pussies? They come in and gank low level territories bla,bla,bla.” These juvenile outbursts seem to be sent by folk with eyes closed as to the fact that their own faction is doing just the same. It’s obvious, yet so surreal when you experience it, in how identical the online community of an MMO can be to the actual population (and history) of the globe. Another example is the whine of the less fortunate. You know, us below 60, that have to fuck our way into the dirt to get that oh-so-great epic mount, while the privileged, who got theirs practically free keep our asses down from achieving maximum level by grinding us into dust for honor points. The unfair advantage of a person born into an aristocratic family comes to mind, shitting on the peasant’s son born not so lucky. The epic mount fiasco can be seen as a convenient occurrence to be taken advantage of in order to oppress the lower class (below lvl 60) for self-gain (honor). By no means is this a call for peace. People will be people, and we’ll rip each other’s throats out given the incentive, especially while wearing the veil of anonymity. You can bitch about it as you please, but never have I seen Azeroth as brutal, as exciting and as cynically real. I doubt that I’ll ever endure something like this again, much less in a damn game. It’s definitely a unique time to play, folks, yet it will pass. Take from it what you will, enjoy it if you can – I know I will. P.S – Thanks, Elysium staff for (perhaps unintentionally) letting us into the most uncompromising, vicious version of WoW, which, not in a million years, could we have seen from Blizzard.