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  1. Toby

    Delete the item shop

    *bump* How do i make a straight donation without invoking game coins again?
  2. Toby

    Delete the item shop

    I agree. Vanity items like pets and mounts are one thing. But selling an entire T2 set? Look, i'll put my money where my mouth is to help support. I'll make a $50 donation (no shop items in exchange needed). I encourage other players to do the same to help support this server. But please don't make this wonderful place a pay-to-win.
  3. I've been trying to get my ticket answered for days now. its not a very difficult question. Perhaps posting it here on the forums might be more helpful in solving my issue. Thanks in advance.
  4. So i was grinding in Winterfall village. I came across a fellow night elf who is a rogue. "Hollowknight" He preferred killing the winterfall denwatchers rather than the high lvl ones inside (he is lvl 57). On route back from Frost saber rock, and getting up towards the high chief winterfall I saw a solid chest. "Meh", trivial gold most likely. Took most of the contents a Leatherworking BOE pattern, a green and a gray. At the top of the hill at the cave entrance to the High chief, I see Hollowknight staring me down on his mount. This is what transpired:
  5. Toby

    Fire Festival

    Can we have in game GMs just start the quests for us?
  6. I love how this server's quests are all scripted and working... well most of them anyway and i do mean almost all of em! But i've noticed the seasonal event quests aren't available or just don't work. The Spirit of Summer event has a quest chain started by the festival loremaster in Ironforge/Orgrimmar but he just says "Greetings <name>". Are the devs going to patch this in before the event is over?
  7. Toby

    Elune's Blessing Quest - Omen

    Ok i will try that. Thank you Zancon
  8. I've ran around Killing as many minions of omen that I could. Also been launching a lot of cluster rockets out of the ones by the Lake but no Omen gets summoned. I'm pretty sure this was how you summon him. Just not sure if the quest is working properly or not
  9. https://imgur.com/qJ3zE1C whys his name plate so big?
  10. Fair enough. But Kaylassawer (lvl 10 Nelf Warr) has been standing at the Dun Morogh mailbox all day. I reported this player with photo proof around 10:00am EST and its now 7:35 and that character is still idling by the mail box, botting gold spam. Would it be ok to at least disable that character or something to that effect?
  11. I've just been noticing that after I take a pic of some lvl 10 night elf warrior (dunno why this is their preference) sending gold spam mail and after uploading the pic and linking it in a ticket, I am then greeted by a GM who says "we will investigate". Hours later the gold seller's SAME character is still online sending me more mail. What is to investigate? The proof was submitted and that character and account(s) should be banned right?
  12. Toby

    Is an appearance change possible?

    Bump to this old thread. I want to change my skin color. dunno what i was thinking when i went blue. I look like a dam smurf. some kind of barber shop that lets you change anything but class/race/sex would be reasonable and super cool.
  13. Toby

    Blocking chat from Theflame.

    Thats just what google translate auto detected.
  14. I know at some point near the end of retail vanilla Blizzard removed the degraded reputation gains you would get for completing a faction quest at a higher lvl. A quest that was gray to you that would normally award 250 rep with a faction only awards 50 rep. At what patch will the degraded rep be removed?
  15. Toby

    Blocking chat from Theflame.

    I think theres a much better way to advertise recruitment for your spanish only guild. Reading that phrase, it comes off as pompous and narcissistic. "I do not write Cyrillic in a global chat". I'm sorry but most private servers have a rule on a specified language to be used in channels. I do not know this to be the case for sure on Elysium but back on Vanilla Gaming where I came from you were not allowed to post in any other language than English. No Russian, no Turkish and no spanish. These are not my rules. It is not my server. I get your desire for spanish only recruits. Really I do. But if you want to recruit in World chat then you have to follow the rules. I wanted to do a gold for gold exchange with someone on VG to here but alas it is against the rules. If I feel as though I don't like that rule, I am free to play elsewhere. You see where I'm going with this... Best of luck to you though!