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  1. I'm horde but up to sell to either side, either through neutral AH or the horde side AH. Not sure about price as I haven't managed to scan it on the AH yet but I'll accept offers.
  2. Blindguard

    Tier 1 rework?

    Yea, You didn't delete you WDB (cache)
  3. Do the GMs really have any advantages while playing? I doubt you're able to add items and even then it's shown in logs. Maybe teleporting yourself back and forth but even that would show up. I'm mainly asking so I know what to look out for.
  4. Blindguard

    Fallen hero of the horde

    I'm level 58 but I can't start a quest from him, I remember talking to him when I were questing in Blasted lands at level 48, but I never got a quest from him. He had a dialogue before but even the dialogue is gone. This essentially means I can't ever run Onyxia, right? How can I fix this?
  5. Blindguard

    Can't loot dungeon boss/can't banish warlock pets

    This is still an issue. A very important one. Oh yeah, enslave demon break after telling it to attack as well, everytime.
  6. Blindguard

    Blocking chat from Theflame.

    Where the hell do you get "Spanish" from? Lol.
  7. Blindguard

    Can't banish warlock pets

    Can I PLEASE get a reply? This have happened numerous times since this post, I'm 54 now and it is STILL happening, even to people lower than my level.
  8. Blindguard

    Can't banish warlock pets

    I've reported this earlier without any response so I assume it went unnoticed. I'm an undead warlock currently at level 50 and I can't even banish a human warlocks voidwalker at level 30. However, said 30 human warlock banished my level 50 succubus. She had rank 1 banish while I had rank 2, neither of my ranks work as it keeps saying "Invalid target". It has been this way since I started on this realm, why can alliance warlock banish horde warlock pets, but not vice versa?
  9. Blindguard

    60 Pure PvP spec?

    Been looking at different PvP specs for pure PvP but haven't managed to find one that seems suitable, SM/ruin is always nice but the lack of Conflagrate sucks hard in a pure PvP environment, this is mainly targeted at world PvP as well. A spec with Conflag and Nightfall is doable, but keeping corruption on the target can be suboptimal as it breaks seduce which I wouldn't be a fan off. This is the current spec I've come up with, any suggestions? http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.php?cid=9&d=vanilla&tal=23002000000000000205000000000000005052005102505151 I've thought of getting 0.5sec summon time for another demon but that means I won't have Imp Lifetap or so many points in Destruction. The pet will be succubus in every spec. http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.php?cid=9&d=vanilla&tal=00000000000000000205003311200000005050005102505141 Is the secondary spec, however I won't have improved lifetap which is pretty lame.
  10. So I have two issues, last night we spent 2.5-3 hours inside Zul'farrak and managed to kill Gahz'rilla but none in our group could loot the scale from him, we had the same issue with the last troll bosses up the ramp, no-one could loot him. The items lost from the boss is fine but the scale from Gahz'rilla is NOT fine, we need to find another person with the mallet and that is a hard task. I contacted a GM while I had a screenshot submitted but apparently that's not enough. Also, I can't seem to banish other warlocks pets, they can easily banish my voidwalker but if I try to banish their pet it keeps saying "Invalid target". What's up with that? I could banish their pets in the low 20s. Not anymore, level doesn't seem to matter as a 34 can banish my 43 voidwalker.