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  1. Can you transfer all 1-60 data to TBC instead of replicating roles with a level of 58? Now there are many players in the 60 nostalgic clothes to practice in order to TBC if not all transfer data to TBC players will be very few, and now LH's team is ready to open TBC, please ask how you plan now.
  2. QQ575562822

    Will be TBC a success?

    Only roles above level 58 can be duplicated? Unable to replicate below 58? If the role below level 58 can not be copied to TBC, I think the population of TBC is not much, because now most people have begun to practice at level 60.
  3. QQ575562822

    Why the server always restart?

    Server to restart numerous times every day? That is why ah? Just opened the week out of service that we endure unlimited, and now open service for 3 months or have been out of service? In the end is a feat or peer hardware problems have led to restart? Please manage to say next.