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    This is what makes new 60's wanna quit

    Pet taunt was on, I'm not going to waste my time on some huntard to find the scripts, he was attacking the wrong target all night, and was actually NOT using his ice traps well at all, the dude doesn't know that taunt has an animation above mobs when it is used, both for pets, and others, and I was the only warrior. His pet also pulled extra groups that we had to kill, after we asked him to put it away on multiple occasions, and to keep it away. Also he was NOT topping charts, more like in the middle. This guy was not being responsive until I kicked him. I have had dealings with Rain before I said, but of course, the kid has to blow it all out of proportion to make him sound like a victim of circumstance, but he just was busy with something IRL and not focusing on the game. I have run ins with DPS that are not taking the group's needs into consideration. Like this person who didn't want to trap because he: "would rather dps it dead instead of waste time on dumb traps" Next time, choose a leader class, instead of an afk and auto shoot cause I think I'm the best player to come to the internet. No one is, I run my dungeons how I want to, and if you are giving me problems, I'll give you a warning, you continue, I'll usually give you one last attempt to not be arrogant, like this kid, and if that fails, I'm sorry, but today isn't working. \ This guy also had his friends begin to harass me via whispers, filled up my ignore list pretty good. I've washed my hands of this dirt now. Be gone.
  2. Question: Defense Cap use to be 310(+130)/310 for Warriors, this has obviously changed with the reduction in Warrior T1&2 Equip: Inscrease Defense by +(?). Please give me any info you can, I am at a loss. Thank you for your time.