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  1. kretzoo

    Any Way to end the AV ?

    indeed, very populated server
  2. kretzoo


    my playtime is usually between 18:00-23:00 server time, i find hard to belive that isnt the peak time. or i used to be...
  3. kretzoo


    maybe the hype for new server, maybe the pvp problems, the mount mistake, or even issues like this: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/64119-azuregos-despawned-because-of-server-issues/ or maybe all combined, who knows? the fact is real, server dying slowly...
  4. kretzoo


    ppl allready left for Kronos 3, its not a coincidence that sever lost 1k+ ppl right when K3 launched....and probably more will leave for LH2.
  5. kretzoo


    seems like it doesnt even reach 3k players anymore, and when i think there was like 4-4.5k people online every evening .....friday night barelly reached 2k ppl, kinda dying it seems. many players left the server with 1.4, the mount issue and no bg implemented, but system honor released...
  6. 52%H - 48%A, ur beliefs are wrong..there are 2-3 bg's on every step 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, etc. thats on wsg, there is also AB running...so im guessing there might be some fast q's in 2-3 months when most of them will be 60.
  7. u missed my point, i usually played in a premade(i now rerolled on K3) and there was no fun at all camping u guys in GY. had like 8-9 min wins, with horde players trying to hide and waiting to end. does it seems to u fun? why would u continue to play if u know u will get camped in GY? Last time i played the q's were like 30 minute, because there was no players on horde side, there were like 5-6 groups on alliance and 1-2 on horde side. as i said, pvp must be balanced, or pvp will be dead. with the k3 release im pretty curious how things are going atm.
  8. dude, this should be fun and relaxing, what boicot are u talking about? i dont need a paralel life, i just need to enjoy playing wow.
  9. i hope ur joking. this is ur solution for solving a WSG issue? A BG issue?
  10. there are also premades ont the horde side, or at least used to be, lido's, fatmike's, nbfs's and some others, which had the same result vs a pug, a rough win, and alliance camped in the gy. last night i've been 1 game in a premade, we won in like 8 minutes. in those 8 minutes none of us died, and we were slaughtering horde in gy. they basicly had no chance to even get 1 HK this whole time. Now tell me, why would u continue to que in WSG in this condition? fix the premade thing, or u will have dead server on pvp side.
  11. as i said on another topic, they can fix this easy, either make only premade vs premade meet, either remove premades for good. this way pvp will be atractive to many others. if not, pvp might just die soon.
  12. maybe at the very beginning, but when time passed they improved the servers hardware, and the server population cap. also they implemented crossrealms, things that cannot be brought to a private server. nightheaven barelly gets more then 3k ppl nowdays, altho before 1.4 popped there were like 4k-4,5k every night. afterall u cant compare 30k ppl with 2.5k. we have like only 1 av and 2-3 wsg's? on blizz there were 10+ av's and 30-40+ wsg. if u guys wanna keep pvp alive, u should consider fix somehow the premade thing...let elite play vs elite, and nabcakes play vs nabcakes....or mix them!
  13. wrong mate!, im human, im getting 22 rep/flag :)) 42000/22*2,5=4772,72 hours to get exalted with WSG. or 192 days of playing 24/24
  14. only one question, how many h do i have to spend to get exalted with Silverwing if my win rates are 0 coz i allways play vs a premade? or if i get a flag in 10 games?
  15. blizz-like arguments wont work here since its not blizzard. its a private server and it should be adapted for its neccesities. first of all u dont have the population that a blizz server had in vanilla, u barelly have 50% of it. second, asuming that on blizz there was still low population(altho u had like 5k), they fixed this problem with x-realms, so u had 30k+ players, and tones of wsg's. also there was a system that allowed premades vs premades, and non premade vs non premades. its a fact, non premades player are getting sick of being farmed in graveyard, u have litteraly 0 chance of getting reputation or decent honor if u're not part of a premade. i think with the k3 release, dev's should find a way to satisfy also the casual players. disbanding premades would be the right decision, but u can also implement premade vs premade, this way both sides should be happy.