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  1. adaperry

    Dungeon Set 2 plans?

    they will only be released at 1.10
  2. Safespotting: What it is: Smart use of terrain mechanics and/or displacement itens with a ranged character to win an edge over another player Is there any way to deal with it?: Yes. Get away, as the player can't follow you without leaving the safe spot Is it honorable? No, but nothing in Wpvp is. Every gank is about advantage in levels, caughting someone with less hp, or while he is dealing with another mob, or grouping with other players to do a 3x1, 4x1, etc. It was allowed in retail? Yes, with no restrictions It is allowed on elysium? No Corpse camping lowbies: What it is: Use level advantage to oneshot players, not being hit by them, and mount advantage to keep chasing them down, with the only purpose of griefing them. Basically, a jerk that disturb other players for nothing (killing greys don't give honor) Is there any way to deal with it? No. The best you can do is wait until someone can help you, or logout for a few minutes and hope that the ganker goes away, and that you can quest for a long time until you face another one. Is it honorable? Even safespot has a way around it. But who kill lowbies are the worst scum of this game. It was allowed in retail? No!! One ticket, and if the GM saw that the player wanted only to disturb another players, he'd intervene. It is clear grief when someone just don't want to allow another player to play the game. It is allowed in Elysium? Yes. For some fucking reason, getting three level 60, keep patroling around a neutral quest mob on desolace, corpse camping players that are 30 levels below for 40 minutes straight, is a valid playstyle, and it is part of the game. I seriously don't get it...
  3. You have no idea what you are talking about. 1- Blizzard didn't changed their policy about multiboxing, neither they said something implying they would restrict it. 2- Multiboxing doesn't exploit anything. Multiboxing is no different than grouping with a bunch of friends, and killing mobs together 3- The players who feel affected by multiboxing are the ones who feel that are at some kind of disadvantage, even when 2~3 players can easily wreck 1 person multiboxing 5 accounts, the jerks who want to 1v1 everything, but can't do any shit alone against the multiboxer, then they go cry in forums that Multixbox ruins WPVP. 4- Multiboxing is harder than people make it sounds. And even when somone competent is behind the screen, each individual char won't be playing at more than 50% their max potential. So, actually, who multibox is at disadvantage. 5- You say that WPVP wasn't against ToS, but forgot that grief is. Also, do you know what else isn't against ToS? Multibox 6- "This game is not for you". I've been playing WoW since the beggining of 2005, and played until the beggining of MoP. My core was the first (and from what I know, the only) guild to have cleared Naxx in Frostmane, and on LK and Cata, my rank on arena was never below 1900. What you've achieved? Did you even played WoW during Vanilla? Because every fucking time I complain about how useless WPVP is, and that's just a source of grief someone comes with an argument that I have to enjoy 100% of the game to be able to play it. If you can't recognize something has been bad designed, and there's a space for a fix, you are just stupid. 7- "but in Vanilla there was WPVP everywhere" No there wasn't. You either played on a populated server that 70%+ of the server was at one faction, or played at a low population realm, where you rarely would find someone looking for PVP. STV, Hillsbrad, and plaguelands still were headaches areas, but nowhere near of what I've been seeing on this server. Also, things escalated too quickly, someone would call help from others, suddenly the server would crash. With BG release, not even pvp would be a common thing on those areas. Also, there was a "sense of honor", as people would not try to kill players who weren't fighting back, couldn't fight back, or was leveling solo with a priest. I'm not saying there were no jerks those times, but being corpse camped (depending of the circunstances) could be easily understood as grief, if you opened a ticket. And I will keep asking: Why can't we multibox, but we are allowed to keep ruining the fun of other players ? They even removed from the ToS the part that could safeguard people from being griefed.
  4. You got all wrong. I'm not complaining about multiboxing (even because if it was allowed, I wouldn't have the patience to set everything to do it). My complain is about they changing the rules for something that doesn't affect the gameplay of other players, but not giving a fuck for griefing disguised of PVP.
  5. Exactly, "end game". This discussion about limits of griefing vs WPVP has beeen around since the beta, and I won't be the last talking about it. I'm not even talking about 99% of time being "unfair"(wpvp is all about having some upper hand, in numbers, level, or gear, only a few times is really about skill), my issue is with people doing with the solely purpose of pissing another people. It is a really bad game design when someone that is 10+ levels than you can keep OHKOing you without suffering any consequence. This only endured because blizzard gave an option for PVE servers (that many people would neglect because "pvp servers are hardcore"), and because GMs could intervene if the situation could be understood as grief. Hillsbrad and STV are "waste of time" zones. You waste more time having to fight back, or running back to your corpse (until one of the sides call help from a level 60), than leveling. At least, when are those situations where neither side has upper hand 100% of time, the long battle can be fun (even if it is a waste of time). But being ganked over and over by a hunter/rogue/druid twink that is doing nothing, only trying to piss other people off, is just frustrating. "What is the relation between multibox and this issue?" I don't see any downside in multibox. From what has been said, the only thing that I agree is about server capacity. Is a thing that doesn't affect me. If someone is having a easier time to level, I don't see that advantage as a negative thing, because the game will be the same for me, regardless of if people are multiboxing or not. Even if it has downsides, it would be an example of a changing in rules to grant a better experience for players. However, those bad things from WPVP are a lot more toxic to the enjoyment of the game, and you aren't going to change it, because "it was like that in retail, and has ever been like this on private servers". "With the launch of BGs, this will end" No, it won't... Ok... maybe it will work for the guys at lvl cap, that want rank 12+, but have no option to farm honor, except killing 55~59. However, player who grief are assholes. They aren't concerned about honor, they are concerned about pissing other people, and make them waste their time, and who is in a BG won't be pissed off for being killed, also, you can't corpse camp, and people can at least fight back (twinks are still an issue, but that's why people stopped queuing for BGs before hitting cap). I'm just saying that if you can make changes in rules to prevent multibox (that is a minor issue), why can't you do something to discourage unnecessary WPVP? (that is a real source of pain in the neck for who is leveling)
  6. Multiboxing is not so different from grouping with a group of friends and leveling together. It doesn't affect anyone else, but for some reason isn't allowed. On the other hand, is ok to keep ganking people on situations that one side can't even fight back, and wasting time of people that doesn't have spare time to keep engaging in WPVP bullshit. All that because "it is a PVP server, and it is part of the game".
  7. I was searching some bags on AH, when I saw a Riding Turtle being sold. For those who do not know, this item is obtainable only with TCG codes, so either someone did any kind of exploit, or a GM gave it to the player. https://imgur.com/a/rcehD
  8. Is this the same GM that gave a TCG only loot to player Aleria?