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  1. This is an ideal that can be taken from just the name of the game!! True words!
  2. Funny thing about that I believe K3 is like 20% horde.... Seems like the slant is universal in some senses. Imagine how the Qs will be?
  3. Seems there is just more love for being an ally than there is a horde. Devote your cause.
  4. Mario Aguilar

    pvp in world or no pvp as it is

    The salt is strong.
  5. Random players cannot achieve victory. You need select, dedicated players to gather.
  6. Mario Aguilar

    Vanilla-Era XP on Nighthaven

    What would tbc be like without restructured XP ranges?
  7. I like to think horde have that upper hand with the orc and troll racials adding in to the calculator
  8. Mario Aguilar

    Vanilla-Era XP on Nighthaven

    Goddamn cursed grind. Thanks?
  9. Mario Aguilar

    why ppl camp lower level players??

    If this was a PvE server and they removed the shield you get from player damage that would be breaking the rule. That your pvp experience in a BG is unfavorable which by the way THAT BG IS PVP EXPLICITLY so I see no rule break. Just salt.
  10. Mario Aguilar

    pvp in world or no pvp as it is

    I dont know about you but I am having a lot of fun getting beat up and leveling. I am a slow grinder. If people dont queu for the BGs then they will have to find another way. Do you even understand boycott?
  11. Mario Aguilar

    PvP Only?

    Very true. You have to find other paths to level. Some zones are camping nests so you can just grind away mobs somewhere else and just get xp and loot until you are ready to move on. You can also level multiple characters when you think you are being harassed.
  12. Mario Aguilar

    pvp in world or no pvp as it is

    If you are going to cry all day about failed BGs I am sorry to say you have high ranked players that eat up world honor. If you arent looking for other alternatives you are part of the problem. How about you boycott the BGs until admins are forced to do something about it?
  13. Mario Aguilar

    PvP Only?

    Possibly when TBC is released they might make one for pvp and one for pve.
  14. Mario Aguilar

    TBC without flying

    I played starting in TBC and i find no problems with flight. I do not see your point. You are not properly expressing it. I am sorry but i do not understand you. I dont say that trying to be rude.
  15. Mario Aguilar

    TBC without flying

    I just do not understand what it is about flying that ruins the game for you? How does an essential function and staple of the expansion kill the game?