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  1. Horde lowbie gankers?

    You guys are trying to rationalize PvP into becoming a 'click to challenge to duel' type of feel. I am not condoning the behavior but unfortunately you cannot control the population.
  2. I wish you success, healers are a dying breed.
  3. Mage using Sheep to prevent kill on Devilsaur

    Is this a form of griefing?
  4. Please make a command to tag BG !

    jesus christ its weekly!!! i thought it was like retail vanilla each season. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. lonley lvl 4 orc hunter in need of freinds

    Go to the home page of these forums and scroll down to localized forums. Or you can go here to see what guild looks like a nice fit!
  6. lonley lvl 4 orc hunter in need of freinds

    there is a thread for guild recruitment it can even break down into primary language spoken
  7. Please make a command to tag BG !

    Kalmar, I had my honor wiped clean some time ago. I had forgotten about honor resets and lost all the goods. How do i know when the resets are coming?
  8. So I guess the Horde suck in this game?

    Damn, shitplayerstillshit
  9. Guild copy?

    Would be a better idea not to. Just characters. Not everyone may want to immediately transfer or even keep the same faction. If your friends want to stay they will get with you. If they cant forget that time you didnt want to tank for them they might want to find you questing.
  10. How to install Elysium?

    Welcome aboard!
  11. Delete my accounts cant get in contanct with you

    You sound like an upset fella. what did sliskon do to you?
  12. upgraded r7-10 pvp gear

    wait for us to catch up! D:
  13. Happy GM's Day!

    No way that guy had rez sickness and she crit
  14. Is the original Elysium server still up?

    I am very happy with this.
  15. pvp in world or no pvp as it is

    It is understandable that first they want to test the group queue and later when that is figured out they can test out coding for group queue face offs.