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    [Horde] Elysium PVP Server - Guild Master List

    Guild name: F E P Guild description: Lead by Klydefrawg, Tumar and Gnomer. EU and US guild. +1 lootsystem linked to raid id and emphasis on contribution. Timezone(s): Europe/Stockholm (Servertime) Schedule: Available under events at guild website, as well as in-game calendar. 20-man weekdays, 40-man weekends. Always evening/nightly raids. Objectives: To enjoy the game. Outlive all the "hardcore" guilds by playing by normal progression pace. Migration to TBC-realm when available, but first Naxx. Links to Discord server, Twitter, YouTube, etc: FEP is the Best Elysium Horde Guild, available on shivtr. Anything else you want people to know: No u. /Gnomer