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    Problem with Elysium coins

    NVM, problem solved :P
  2. Hi all. Well the thing is this. I just bought (like 5 mins ago) 43 Elysium coins but I didn't get them, and the payment was made over my debit card :( Idk if it takes time for the coins to appear on my account but I havent seen them yet. I want to know if there's a possibility to get these coins ( I won't ask for a refund coz i know how hard is that) and if u have a record of something of this payment so u can believe me. Please, I need some help. Thanks.
  3. Anemos

    Busco guild latina

    Buenas! busco alguna guild latinoamericana para ser parte, ojalá ally. He jugado WoW bastante, sobre todo en TBC y WotLK. Tengo buena disponibilidad para hacer quests y dungeons. Saludos!