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    TBC beta bug, Draenei

    Hi. Idk if this is the place to write this, but I wanna report some bugs for draenei in beta. First, the boat of azuremyst is bugged, I see it coming and leaving the dock, but when it approaches the dock it just disapears, so I can't leave the isle. I wait a long time but it never shows up, u cant see it directly from the dock. The second thing is the quest Matis the cruel. I use the flare and all, and the guy who is supposed to "help me" doesn't do it, in fact he does nothing. I've tried to do the quest several times with no result, I just end up killing the npc. I hope u can fix this, for the future release. Thanks.
  2. Anemos

    Problem with Elysium coins

    NVM, problem solved :P
  3. Hi all. Well the thing is this. I just bought (like 5 mins ago) 43 Elysium coins but I didn't get them, and the payment was made over my debit card :( Idk if it takes time for the coins to appear on my account but I havent seen them yet. I want to know if there's a possibility to get these coins ( I won't ask for a refund coz i know how hard is that) and if u have a record of something of this payment so u can believe me. Please, I need some help. Thanks.
  4. Anemos

    Busco guild latina

    Buenas! busco alguna guild latinoamericana para ser parte, ojalá ally. He jugado WoW bastante, sobre todo en TBC y WotLK. Tengo buena disponibilidad para hacer quests y dungeons. Saludos!