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  1. Blusero

    Guild Registering Issue

    OMG this worked! Thank you VERY VERY much!! 😄
  2. Blusero

    Guild Registering Issue

    Hello! I'm having an issue when registering a guild chart. I've already bought mine, I have made my members signed it. But when I go to the guild master NPC and want to register it, nothing happens. I've seen a post from 2016 that this happened before, but it seems that this issue was solved somehow... Now its happenin' again, I open this topic to let you know know about this problem and maybe you can fix it. Thanks for your attention.
  3. Blusero

    Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    Hi, I considere some flight masters and some PvP npc are not responding as they should. They not attack opposite faction. You can easily get ganked in your own territory with your OWN npcs around just looking. I think you should change it for they to attack opposite faction, it would improve world PvP. Thanks. Chirusa, Night Elf Hunter.