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  1. Are u stupid or ignorant ? we are in 2k18 now, and there is no place for racism and sexism ! I´m not a snowflake , all human are the same and if ppl like you dont understand this , the world is a fucking place full of dumbasses ...
  2. Dont say me what i have to do in this game ! The World chat is here for finding Groups, mates , profession...., or just talk together ! But i have never seen any game where it is allowed to be a Racist or a Sexist and make this Public ! I´m not in the City, the World Chat is omnipresent ! And Gm´s are not useless, read the Rules from Elysium !!!! For u i will paste them , read and learn ! B. Interacting with players and staff Communicating in-game with other users and staff members, whether by text or any other method, is a fundamental element of the Game. The following rules are not intended to be exhaustive. Elysium staff may use their discretion to decide what may break these rules. When communicating with other users and staff, you may not: Communicate any unlawful, obscene, racist or any such language and/or imagery deemed inappropriate by Elysium staff. Circumvent the /ignore function to communicate with a user, regardless of circumstances. Disrupt any feature of the Game and/or any component thereof in a manner that is deemed negatively on other users, including but not limited to, sending junk mail, repeated unsolicited messages, sending advertisement and/or services for goods or services originating outside the Game. Participate in any action that, in the sole and absolute discretion of Elysium staff, results or may result in a player being "scammed" or defrauded out of currency or any other items the user has earned. Advertise or operate services in-game and/or on the forum which in the sole discretion of Elysium staff is considered a casino and/or gambling. Send chat messages that has in any way been modified to change the publicly shown color of the respective message. Impersonate any user, including without limitation any "game master" or any other Elysium staff member. Communicate, post and/or direct users to information regarding a user's or staff member's identity and/or personal information. Institute, assist, threaten, or become involved in an attack upon any Elysium service or any of its users in an attempt to disrupt the servers or experience of users. Lie to, or attempt to deceive Elysium staff. Use non-English language in public channels.
  3. Every Day the same Shit in the World Chat ! I logged in and the first things i read is somoe Shit about Black Peoples, or a fucking sexism statement ! For what exists Gm´s on this Server ? Stop this fucking shit from stupid People or are the Gm´s at the same levels like these dumbasses ?
  4. Terlos

    Can´t connect to Nighthaven anymore

    now it´s working correctly again.
  5. Hello, at the Statistic Nighthaven is online but if i try to login there is no way to connect to the Server. I see the Screen with "Connected" , if i cancel i see the Realm Selection with Nighthaven and the Testrealm and if i try to connect again there is the same problem, i stay in the Connected Screen. So if there is any Trouble with the Server pls tell us.
  6. Hello, is it allowed to make a second Account and if i play with my low level Twink i can play at the same Time with my main Acount and boost my low Char by my own through low level Dungeons like Deathmines, Sfk, wc... or is this forbidden ?
  7. Hey, i do not mean the different between 1231 and 1226. Does the Search from the Who List contains Horde and Alliance ?? This should not be.
  8. Hey, search in the ingame Who List for Players only llevel 60, result : 1231 People found (50 displayed) Hmm ok , take a look at the Homepage, the new stats say that: 1226 People online ! Ähm ? Where is the Mistake ?
  9. Terlos

    Any Way to end the AV ?

    How should this work ? Korrak spawn 30 min after the Beginning from av :( It is sad that so less ppl joining av, that say many about the population from nh. Every Av joining only about 20ppl from Alliance and Horde..perhaps the gm´s should change av from 40vs40 to 20vs20 ^^.
  10. Hello, is there any Way to end the Av and get the Quest Rewards ? I try it 3 times in a row and always are too less ppl at the Av so it is closing in 5 min....
  11. Terlos

    chat down ?

    Hello, is it possible that the chats are down ? This or nobody is on the server ^^
  12. nobody know what ppl will do in the Future, but if ppl leave and switch to LH u can do nothing, but this ppl will also switch from LH if another Server will open. Here are many Guilds, they are raiding, do pvp or anything else so i dont think they will leave and begin from zero. Play the Game, dont think about others and have fun.
  13. Terlos

    First Broken Tooth of the server

    It´s an old post but perhaps it helps another Hunter. Tamed him today at 12:00 at Spot 3. Only ride thorugh Badlands for a quest (i´m lvl 43) and saw him there, so i have decide to abandoned my beautiful Boar from RFK and tamed BT. If i was lvl 39 i camped in Badlands 3 days and never see him ^^, if u are lucky u get him :).
  14. Hello, i often have a Problem that i can´t write in the general Chat. I become the Message: Sorry, only Latin characters are allowed in this Channel. Screenshot