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  1. Newbie

    Not Able to Log into Account

    community is horrible as is the service... GL
  2. Newbie

    Server down?

    Servers seem to go down a lot, no update on when they will return. N
  3. Newbie

    Not Able to Log into Account

    Must suck to be such a D-BAG!!!!!... Fabulous support - FFS.... Have a wonderful day D-BAG.
  4. hello I am not able to log into my account, can you please advise?
  5. Newbie

    My characters are gone?

    Hi Kalmar, When I sign in and choose my realm, I see 9 characters but I don't see any of them accessible. Is there now to get the accounts? It has been few months but there was a restoration process. I can't find the link now but when the employee went postal and deleted a lot of stuff. Noob