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  1. Zancon, hello, just to clarify: Regarding possible restrictions you've mentioned - are you referring just to Shaman/Paladin "switch" here, or to any faction change (that is currently possible through Elysium website services?) For example, if level 60 Human mage wants to change faction (and race), becoming level 60 Blood Elf mage - then is it possible right at the very start of Burning Crusade server launch? Or need to level up to 70 with this Human mage first, and only then the race/faction change option becomes available?
  2. Soulcatcher

    Arcane Missiles bug.

    After a few more attempts/tests - I couldn't have Arcane Missiles spell to work normally even once.
  3. Soulcatcher

    Arcane Missiles bug.

    I feel like I have to update this. The problem with the Arcane Missiles spell proves to be critical - after intense testing on monsters, it seems that the spell fails to work as intended more than 50% of the time. It either leaves your character standing channeling for 5 seconds (with mana spent already on that spell) while no cast/damage actually happens - as described in the previous message - or it casts three "waves" of Arcane Missiles (out of normal five "waves") with the remaining two "waves" not happening (character just stands channeling for 2 more seconds, or so). Monster suffers three "waves" of damage and remains alive because the last two waves don't show up at all. Combat log shows exactly the same (no spellcasting/damage at all in the first case, and only three "waves" of damage to monster in the second case). Having one of the important spells (the one of the only two damage spells of Arcane school for mages, and the one very useful in PvP) not working is really discouraging. Please look into this issue!
  4. Soulcatcher

    Arcane Missiles bug.

    Hello! A strange bug was happening often today. While trying to cast Arcane Missiles spell (being a mage) in Warsong Gulch, in many cases I've just spent mana and stood channeling for 5 seconds, but no actual spellcasting or damage to the enemy happened. Combat log didn't show that the spell was casted at all, too. I've noticed it after getting Arcane Missiles VIII from AQ20 raid yesterday, because started to use the spell slightly more often. Some other mage players have confirmed that they've faced this bug, too. So, could it be investigated and fixed, please? :) Thanks in advance!
  5. Soulcatcher

    Server Merge is here!

    Hello! Great news that the merge has actually happened! However, there was a sort of personal letdown because the character version currently merged to Nighthaven is so much earlier than the version of the same character merged to Stratholme server back then. The "normal" version of character (that was merged to Stratholme) has a progress rollback of just 2-3 weeks prior to the point of Darrowshire server shutdown, while the current "old" version of that character is more than 3 months back from the point of Darrowhire shutdown (if memory serves, it happened in October 2017, and the current version of character progress is from July 2017 at best) - so, it lacks particular raid items, epic mount, etc, etc. Created an in-game ticket in order to solve this. The other issue is that the earned PvP items can't be equipped at all (if they are in the inventory or taken off character even once). The game just says that you lack the necessary rank to equip them.
  6. Sorry if this is not the best topic for it - but it's Patch 1.9 already coming, and there are still no news about the merge to Nighthaven server that was supposed to happen for Elysium (Patch 1.7) and Darrowshire (Patch 1.8) characters. Now is probably the last real opportunity to do it, since Opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj is the major event which is not to be skipped by any dedicated player. This means that if the merge in question doesn't happen at the beginning/before the middle of the announced Patch 1.9, then there might be little sense to push this perspective any further, as the consistency of progression experience for those "old" players would be ruined anyway within such circumstances. Hope that it will not be the case, though, and that the information about estimated date and the merge itself are coming soon!
  7. Soulcatcher

    TBC Update & Restoring 2017 Characters!

    Hello again, Elysium team! Just an opinion: I support the previous message that there should probably be an update on the status of character restoration/merge process - the sooner, the better. One of the possible reasons for Stratholme's extremely low server population was the abscence of any real information/updates when needed, which in turn has effectively dispersed the playerbase. So, it would definitely be a good idea to keep in touch with the players who hope to get their old characters back, and to provide some prospect. :) Thanks in advance!
  8. Soulcatcher

    TBC Update & Restoring 2017 Characters!

    Hello! That sounds great - however, why is it impossible to merge in the characters from Darrowshire server later on? Sure, Darrowshire was at Patch 1.8 at the time of shutdown - so, could you please arrange a "second wave merge" for Darrowshire characters after Nighthaven server reaches its own Patch 1.8 (according to the proposed timeline it should happen in a month or so)? Please consider that Darrowshire players were never able to experience the full progression (opening the gates of Ahn'Qiraj and later), and it would be not really that fair to them to deny such an opportunity, allowing them only at Nighthaven 1.11+ Patch, as it is mentioned in your current announcement. Anathema players had experienced it all already, and Elysium players will experience it in the future - then why leaving just Darrowshire players aside? Thanks in advance!
  9. Soulcatcher

    Opening the gates of Stratholme?

    Bovine, I don't think I am in position to demand anything from administration - they've provided me and others an opportunity to play, so, they surely can decide on the policy here (including "economically reasonable" approach, can't really blame them since running the server obviously requires a lot of effort and resources). Shenna, sure - it's just an idea to be on the list. Elysium PvP would be the first candidate, naturally (if such scenario is to be implemented at all). I, however, would also advocate allowing Darrowshire later, as well - after Nighthaven itself reaches Patch 1.8, of course (it's sort of personal egoistic interest, as I am a Darrowshire player myself). Anathema went very far in its progression - so, it has probably to wait until Patch 1.11+ on Nighthaven. Anyway, just hoping for an effective better-off solution for the project to be found. :)
  10. Soulcatcher

    Opening the gates of Stratholme?

    I really feel like I have to raise this issue one more time: Looking at the current Nighthaven population - it's more or less "balancing on the edge" now (nearly 1500 players). The concern is that after another classic fresh server appears, these numbers might drop to the "point of no return". So, the suggestion to Elysium administration is to consider opening character transfers from the older servers (Anathema/Darrowshire/Elysium) to Nighthaven server based on the timeline the particular older server had at the time of its shutting down/merging into Stratholme. So, if the timeline of the older server matches the current Nighthaven timeline at some point (thus not ruining the progression experience for other Nighthaven players) - then an anouncement should probably be made on the webiste main page, and a transfer from the respective older server should officially be opened. This way it might help to keep the Nighthaven server population on healthy level regardless of upcoming events within classic servers environment. Sure, Burning Crusade announcement and perspective is a strong argument - but the actual launch might take too long for many technical/fundamental reasons while the server population decreases without the chance of recovery. The point about Nighthaven server economy is also an important one, but the lack of players would gradually ruin the economy in a far worse way than an "injection" of players with their materials/items from the older servers into it (which should happen in accordance with the Nighthaven server current timeline, as stated above). So, please think about this idea once more! Nighthaven server is currently at Patch 1.7. It seems that the first chance to introduce the older playerbase here is really close (Darrowshire server was at Patch 1.8 by the time of its shutdown, and Elysium server Patch was even "younger"). And finally, it would definitely be a good thing to let the players from "older" realms to experience the classic progression as they were supposed to! Best Regards!
  11. Soulcatcher

    Opening the gates of Stratholme?

    Thanks for the clarification!
  12. Soulcatcher

    Opening the gates of Stratholme?

    I see... So, if there are no transfers to Nighthaven allowed at any point of time - then what is the earliest estimated date when the characters from Stratholme might be available again, in your opinion? And another question - is it technically possible to delete the character completely (just to "let it go", so to say) which is currently in Stratholme database? Currently, if you log in, the system just shows the number of characters you have on the test server - but you can't actually have a look at them (or delete them).
  13. Hello, members of Elysium team, and everyone else! :) First of all, thanks to the Elysium team for everything you are doing for Classic World of Warcraft. I would like to suggest an idea/question for discussion. It might be not very important for the majority of current players (Nighthaven PvP), but could be somewhat important for "older" players (Darrowshire/Elysium/Anathema servers before their merge into Stratholme server). The point is that the characters from those servers are currently "trapped" inside the database without any possibility to actually use them. Sure, this is for a reason (as it is not reasonable to keep a separate server for a few dozens of players anyway) - but what about arranging a migration? According to the current plans (previously announced by Elysium team), Nighthaven PvP server is going to reach the Patch 1.12 in December 2018, and then the migration for the characters from Darrowshire/Elysium/Anathema will be available either to Classic or Burning Crusade version of the server. What about making it happen earlier? Sure, it is totally understandable that the community doesn't want to see any characters who are "ahead" (items-wise, etc) of the current server patch on Nighthaven PvP. However, not all old servers were at the final Classic patch by the time of their shutdown. I am not sure about the last Elysium and Anathema patches (being a player from Darrowshire myself), but I believe that Anathema was way ahead of the other two servers, Darrowshire hasn't the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj opened and Elysium was the most recent of all three. "Stratholme period" of 2-3 days (when the server was up) shouldn't be taken into the account as there was no real in-game action - raiding or questing, etc. So, since the Elysium team has performed the migration of characters from all the three servers to Stratholme, it probably shouldn't be very hard to "track" the original servers those characters have came from. The question is, could you please consider speeding-up the opening of migration for the characters from Stratholme to Nighthaven PvP depending on the timeline of their original servers (by the time of their respective shutdowns)? For example, for Darrowshire characters it would mean being able to transfer to Nighthaven PvP in the middle of July 2018 (right between 1.8 Dragons of Nightmare and 1.9 Gates of Ahn'Qiraj patches) instead of December 2018! This way nobody of the "new" players would be harmed gameplay-wise (as those transferred characters are not getting any unfair advantage), and at the same time the "older" players would have the chance to experience the progressive timeline they were not able to continue on their original servers. Thank you for your attention!