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  1. I experience the same problem, I am very interested in finding solutions.
  2. Help with old toons restoration plz

    It is back, however you will not be able to get back your char atm, since old chars are locked on an offline server. You are more than welcome to create a new one to come and join us on Nighthaven tho. Cya ig
  3. Blue PvP Gear update to motivate People

    I'm not 60 yet either but all those complaints about the pvp scene are scaring me, getting more feedback from the gms would be nice
  4. Mage Pre-Raid suggestions

    K, I added every single link to classicdb and some more items, dull work is dull. I used the DB of Rising Gods TLK server, but information there might be inaccurate since it's the same website I got the gloves of frozen wrath from : Better than nothing tho, I yes, getting those gloves should only be a matter of chance while doing ST for leveling or something. Actually farming them is almost crazier than farming Deathcharger's Reins since finding groups for ST is already a pain in the ass.
  5. Mage Pre-Raid suggestions

    Thank you very much for the clarification sir, I will add your suggestions asap
  6. Population

    You can check the population here: I'm not 60 yet, but I am quite close (51) and I would say the population is healthy atm if you compare it to official vanilla servers. 3000 players in peak times in fine with me. PvP is currently going through some problems, from what I understood, there are too much horde pvpers and not enough alliance one, resulting in horde having to face premades constantly. GMs should discuss it very soon and hopefully find a solution. Pve should be really fine since there are a lot of active semi hardcore guilds, if you speak english I guarantee you won't have problems finding one.
  7. Update the forum

    Thank you for the quick answer.
  8. Update the forum

    Hello, A lot of the sections of the forum are outdated in terms of pinned posts, not the mention all the non-pinned-posts that are completely irrelevant by now. I think cleaning the forum would make it more lively, especially since the elysium reddit is quite desert too and the discord does not fulfill the same purpose. Personally, it really bothers me and I really regret that the community on the forum is currently relatively inactive. Just a few examples of posts that should not be pinned imo, I can make a full list if you want me to. Home/General/Discussion/Public Test Realm (1.7) Feedback Thread!: Not relevant for Nighthaven, I might be mistaking but this is dead anyway Home/General/Discussion/[Download]: Server launcher and diagnostics tool: Not relavant anymore, this tool is basically useless since there is only one server up atm Home/Community/Guild Recruitment/[Horde] Elysium PVP Server - Guild Master List: Not relevant for Nighthaven Home/Community/Guild Recruitment/[Alliance] Elysium PvP Server - Guild Master List: Not relevant for Nighthaven Home/Community/Guild Recruitment/Nostalrius PVP, Raiding Guild Repository Home/Community/Market Place/[H/A] Anathema Trusted Crafters & Enchanters List: RARE PATTERNS +55 Healing/+30SP-AQ/Alch/Tailor/Eng/LW/BS: Not relevant for Nighthaven I think most of those are pretty self-explanatory. Furthermore, some non-pinned-posts should be in some kind of archive folder, like the guild posts that were published before Nighthaven. Finally, I must say most of us don't like the general design of the forum, it doesn't feel blizzlike at all and it is too dark imo, but this question has already been debated since the very beginning of Elysium and I do not expect you to answer on this matter. Thank you for the effort you are putting into the project.
  9. Anti-Spam mod?

    spamthrottle, not very efficient those days tho
  10. Place to farm gold

  11. Mage Pre-Raid suggestions

    Hi, I should hit 60 with my first mage quite soon and I thought I should do a nice pre-raid list. The purpose of this post was to list best items available out of raids, I also wanted to have multiple options since some of those are extremely hard to get. If the patch is not specified next to the item's name, then the item should already be available on Nighthaven. I thought this might be useful for fellow mages and I need your help to: Get more suggestions Tell me if I ranked them right Tell me what patch they were added when there is the "unknown patch" label Edit: I added all the classicDB links, please note that the stats given might be wrong depending on the patch you play on. Head: Eternal Crown of Frozen Wrath or any +40/41 SP equivalent (World Drop Green) Spellweaver's Turban (UBRS = General Drakkisath 19% patch 1.10) Green Lens of Frozen Wrath (Craft Engineering 245 + 13,5% for Frozen Wrath) Frost Runed Headdress (AV = Lokholar the Ice Lord 35%) Bloodvine Goggles (Craft Engineering 300 patch 1.7) Crimson Felt Hat (Strat UD = Magistrate Barthilas 17%) Neck: Orb of the Darkmoon (DMF = 1200 tickets) Diana's Pearl Necklace (Strat Living = Cannon Master Willey 36% patch 1.10) Tempest Talisman (DME = Hydrospawn 20%) Star of Mystaria (Strat Living = Dathrohan & Balnazzar 19% patch unknown) Shoulder: Elegant mantle of Frozen Wrath or any +30/31 SP equivalent (World Drop Green) Champion's Silk Mantle (R10 PvP) Boreal Mantel (BRD = Warder Stilgiss 25%) Back: Archivist Cape of Frozen Wrath (Strat Living = Archivist 20% + 4.65% for Frozen Wrath) Amplifying Cloak (DMW = Magister Kalendris 21,75% patch unknown) Frostwolf Advisor's Cloak (AV = Honored) Heliotrope Cloak (DMN = Guard Mok'dar & Guard Slip'kik 4,32%) Eternal Cloak of Frozen Wrath or any +20/21 SP equivalent (World Drop Green) Royal Tribunal Cloak (Strat UD = Magistrate Barthilas 16.7%) Chest: Bloodvine Vest (Craft patch 1.7) Robe of the Archmage (Craft Tailoring 300) Freezing Lich Robes (Scholomance = Ras Frostwhisper 16%) Robe of Winter Night (Craft Tailoring 285) Wrist: Flameweave Cuffs of Frozen Wrath (BRD = Lord Icendius 25% + 3.73% for Frozen Wrath) Master’s bracers of Frozen Wrath or any +21 SP equivalent (World Drop Green) Dryad's Wrist Bindings (WSG = Exalted) Sublime wristguards (DMN = Guard Mol'dar, Guard Slip'kik 8%) Hands: Atal'ai Gloves of Frozen Wrath (ST = Zolo, Gasher, Loro, Hukku, Zullor, Mijan 7% + 0.1% for Frozen Wrath = ~ 0.007% chance of drop, do not farm!) Blood Guard's Silk Handwraps (R7 PvP) Hands of Power (LBRS = Quartermaster Zigris 14% patch unknown) Shivery Handwraps (Scholomance = Ras Frostwhisper 16%) Earth Warder's Gloves (Quest = Winterfall Activity) Gloves of Spell Mastery (Craft Tailoring 300) Waist: Frostwolf Cloth Belt (AV = Honored) Oddly Magical Belt (DMN = Dribute 19.15% patch unknown) Ban'thok Sash (BRD = Ok'thor the Breaker 25% crappy stats before patch 1.10) Defiler's Cloth Girdle (AB = Honored) Thuzadin Sash (Strat UD = Nerub'enkan 20%) Legs: Bloodvine Leggings (Craft Tailoring 300 patch 1.7) Skyshroud Leggings (LBRS = Highlord Omokk 17%) Frostweave Pants (Craft Tailoring 285) Feet: Bloodvine Boots (Craft Tailoring 300 patch 1.7) Riptide Shoes (DME = Hyrdrospawn 23.45%) Omnicast Boots (BRD = Golem Lord Argelmach 25%) Dragonrider Boots (UBRS = Warchief Rend Blackhand 23%) Blood Guard's Silk Footwraps (R7 PvP) Ring: Freezing Band (World Drop Epic) Don Mauricio's Band of Domination (Scholo = Gandling 14% patch 1.10) Eye of Orgrimmar (BRD = Quest The Princess Saved) Frigid Ring (World Drop Green) Maiden's Circle (World drop patch unknown) Advisor's Ring (WSG = Honored) Band of the Unicorn (World Drop Green) Band of Rumination (UBRS = Warchief Rend Blackhand 18%) Trinket: Eye of the Beast (UBRS = Quest Warlord's Command) Briarwood Reed (UBRS = Jed Runewatcher 33%) Weapon 1H/OH: Sageclaw (AB = Exalted) Witchblade (Scholo = Gandling 14% better in patch 1.10) Mind Carver (DMW = Prince Tortheldrin 19%) Inventor's Focal Sword (Maraudon = Tinkerer Gizlock 26.52% patch unknown) Tome of the Ice Lord (AV = Exalted) Scepter of Interminable Focus (Strat Living = S&J Heirlooms patch 1.10) Tome of the Lost (UBRS = General Drakkisath 19% patch 1.10) Spirit of Aquementas (Quest It’s Dangerous to Go Alone) Weapon 2H: Rode of the Magi (DMN = Tribute) Elemental Mage Staff (World Drop Epic) Zum'rah's Vexing Cane (ZF = Witch Doctor Zum'rah 20%) Wand: Dragon Finger of Frozen Wrath or any +20/21 SP equivalent (World Drop Green) Wand of Biting Cold (AV quest The Legend of Korrak) Bonecreeper Stylus (Scholomance = Gandling 14%) Freezing Shard (World Drop Blue) Lethtendris's Wand (DME = Lethtendris 25,56%) Enchants: Head: Arcane of Focus Shoulder: Flame Mantle of the Dawn (AD = Reputation Unknown) Back: Enchant Cloak - Greater Resistance Chest: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats or Enchant Chest - Major Mana Wrist: Enchant Bracer - Greater Intellect Hands: Enchant Gloves - Riding Skills Waist: None is correct Legs: Arcane of Focus Feet: Enchant Boots - Minor Speed Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Spellpower Sources: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zux, lvl 48 Mage on Nighthaven | Jekyll, lvl 60 Druid on Anathema | Eve, lvl 60 Priest on Nostalgeek