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    TBC Account Transfer - Economy Issues

    Since the idea of the server is to continue chars (as if the current server had an expansion) i see no reason for any transfer limitations. Essentially the only reason Nighthaven does not simply progress is to keep a server for the vanilla server in tact, but this is basically an expansion and should be treated as such
  2. asteldian

    Tbc server longevity and possible wrath server?

    Is the char transfer to BC actually a transfer or a copy? Just wondering as it would be kind of nice to have my cake and eat it (i would like to progress to BC but I have made die hard Vanilla friends who will remain on Nighthaven and it would be nice to be able to still play with them on occassion)
  3. asteldian

    T1 plus Hand of Edward the Odd raid worthy?

    Thanks for the response! The extra attacks from flurry you think is more worthwhile than the instant heals the Hand will offer? Extra group procs is nice, but being able to throw a big heal on other raid members without disrupting the flow of my attacks/group procs seemed more useful as healer?
  4. Hi all, i have managed to get hold of the whole T1 set, mainly for the sake of having it, but was wondering if it was ever worth using for pve heals? There was a post saying there was no point using the set for healing unless you had Hand of Ed, but didn't say more than that. I actually have the Hand, so was just wondering if there was any value to the raid using it with T1 set instead of standing around in the mish mash of raiding BiS heal items cobbled together? In the T1 my quick heal is about 90hp less per cast, but obviously i constantly heal my group and can cast instant Holy Lights at times.
  5. asteldian

    Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    Yeah, open world PvP 80% of the time seems to be no more than being ganked by a player with his big daddy lvl 60 with him. I understand its Blizzards fault for the design flaw, but seriously - I can get dishonour for killing a stupid grey NPC, but high levels can go ruin a lowbie players day without dishonour?
  6. asteldian

    Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    I would definitely like to see a respec cost, reduction. I know its considered a gold dump, but really the only people that regularly respec are those with crazy amounts of cash in the first place, the rest of can't afford it so just stick with one spec.