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    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    Pve servers i never really get that. The feeling of PVP and world PVP i always enjoyed it far more. Its a bit more scary and a bit more adventure. Never liked the idea that i came across an horde player and we didnt had the choise to do battle right there on the spot. Sometimes helpe one another and sometimes battle. The endless ganking is more in people there head. Just log out wait 10 min or go to another spot? ask for help? i know plenty of people ganked at the start of this server on nightraven and now the ganks are way less. In tbc the ganking wouldnt be that much. I really hope that we keep it PVP.
  2. Flannel

    How much gold can we take to tbc

    Thanks for the fast reply! Clean answer
  3. I cant find the amount of gold we can take to the tbc server. Thought ive readed somewhere its 1000 gold. ( would be good for balance since any more could affect econemy). Can some one verify this?
  4. Flannel

    TBC Faction Balance

    Besides a that horde overpopulair on the pvp side. I dont think pve needs a fix/boost. Only thing to boost is honor gained cause allaince is losing most battlegrounds.
  5. Flannel

    Effect of Blizzard's Classic WoW

    staying here for TBC, trying to convince some friends to come along
  6. Flannel

    Double XP and player base

    the grind aint half that bad tho. If u level together its pretty fun. More fun then most people think it is. Its les of a struggle now then at launch where there was a lot of ganking. If your friends dont want the grind they can always get a char of shop. Most aint that expensive at the moment. The less gear te more things to do.